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Need help finding interesting little restaurants in India

Thanks for the reply and suggestions. Rahul Verma's Blog looks good. I will get Charmaine O'Brien's book too. Thanks again.

Recipe for "Morning Cheese Pie" with ricotta at Beyond Expectations on Sacramento [Moved from SF board]

In San Francisco several years ago I remember the "morning cheese pies" with ricotta at Beyond Expectations on Sacaramento. Does Anyone have a recipe?

Jan 01, 2010
pablosailor in Home Cooking

Need help finding interesting little restaurants in India

I am 58 years old and travel most of the year. I spent the past eight months in India (with a few months in Nepal). During that eight months I spent most of the time in India in Delhi, Sikkim, and Darjeeling, although I did briefly check out the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, and a few other other tourist places. In Nepal I spent time in Katmandu and 44 days trekking from Jiri to the Everest Base Camp and back.

I got sick a few times but had a really great trip. I am going to spend the next year traveling in that part of the world again, although I want to check out some new areas, including the south of India, and hope to spend the summer in the far northwest of India (Ladakh, Manali, possibly Kashmir, etc). It will be a relief to enjoy some clear weather after spending the last monsoon season in Sikkim and Darjeeling. I also want to check out Sri Lanka now that it is apparently safe to go.

While other travelers go to temples and Ashrams, or spend time visiting tourist sites, I am always looking for good food and restaurants. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out where to go but was frustrated in India. I don't really want to spend much time eating in hotel restaurants or tourist popular places.

Part of the problem had to do with the "personality" of Indian people who, it seemed to me, will try and answer every question even though they might not know a lot about what it is they are talking about. Although I have to admit that I did find some good restaurants based on recommendations in the Lonely Planet (Karim's, in Old Delhi, for example), the travel guides do not do a very good job for people who are really serious about finding memorable restaurants or interesting food in a particular area.

I do look at the postings on the South Asia Chowhound board but I wish I could get a lot more good leads than what appears in those postings.

If anyone has a suggestion, such as an interesting book about food in India, or a blog about food and restaurants in India, I would sincerely appreciate any help.

Thank you,