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Clam chowder near pier 33 [San Francisco]

Taking the Alcatraz tour tomorrow late afternoon. Want to get clam chowder near pier 33

lunch in downtown Oakland

Going to be at Oak convention center in a few weeks and need a place to get dinner on Fri night and lunch on Sat. Maybe something in Chinatown for dinner. I've read that the old 'market' on Washington and 11th or 12th has some restaurants in it now. Anything with sandwiches? I've been away from the East Bay for years, so don't know eating places anymore. Cathy

Sunday lunch in or near Asian Art Museum [San Francisco]

Going to the Terracotta Warrior show on May 20. First time to AAM. How's the food at whatever cafe is inside the museum? Or would something nearby be better? Prob a mid afternoon time. We're open to any type
of food. Cathy

'reasonably' priced restaurant for early dinner in SFcivic center

Going to Wed matinee of Le Miz in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for a reasonably priced place to eat an early dinner. Prefer walking distance from the Orpheum so I don't need to move the car. I'm paying for the four of us thus the need for a reasonably priced place. No picky eaters in the group.

Oakland Chinatown restaurant

Going to be in downtown Oakland (9th & Broadway) with a small group tomorrow (mar30). Need a recommendation for a reasonably priced restaurant that can seat 8-12 of us for an early dinner. we'll need to be back at the convention center for a 7pm meeting. May have some small children with us. I haven't lived in the East Bay since '95 and don't have a clue anymore...haha
Many Thanks

looking for places to eat in Marina District

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and the links. I'm sure whatever we pick will be good.

looking for places to eat in Marina District

My daughter & I will be in The City June 11/12/13 for the DeYoung exhibit. We are staying at The Coventry on Lombard near Van Ness. I'm looking for sushi that's not an arm & a leg in price. I know, that's prob going to be difficult. Any neighborhood ethnic restaurant suggestions would be great though. We're both pretty adventurous when it comes to eating.