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Attention, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Fans

Cossetta's makes mozzarella in house daily - and also imports from Italy. I *THINK* the imported is buffalo mozzarella, but you should call and check.

Aug 17, 2015
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Local Blue Cheese

I visit the dairy salesroom and meat lab (now combined) weekly. There's almost always Nuworld, the others come and go. This is a great time of year to visit the salesroom, as the student organic farm sells veggies outside the building at the same time.

Jun 15, 2015
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

Of the old favorite, Big Daddy's is pretty solid.

A new kid on the block that doesn't get nearly enough attention is Firebox Deli. I'm afraid their location is going to doom them, but their food is top notch. (They don't even have a website, just Facebook: )

Mar 23, 2015
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

I can't believe anyone hasn't posted about #grapegate yet

The thing that gets me about #grapegate isn't the (oddball) selection, it is the anger with which Minnesota responded.

The state's insecurity is showing. In a big way.

Nov 20, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

State Fair of Texas - First Timer

Hello, Texas!

We're veterans of the Minnesota State Fair, heading to your town to take on Big Tex. We're breaking the basic fair rule of "multiple short visits are better than a marathon day" and will only have about a day and a half to take in all we can.

Most of the press we've found focuses on what's new. If your fair is like ours, while the new foods are interesting and worth trying, there's also a plethora of "fair traditions" - things you only have at the fair, and look forward to chowing down on year after year.


What's on our "must try" list at your fair?

Oct 08, 2014
Danny in Dallas - Fort Worth

working brunch

I'm a fan of Turtle Bread on Chicago. It's just off of 35W, so on your way to downtown and the U campus. They have some interesting options, like their chocloate french toast. You order at the counter and food is brought to your table. It can be a bit crowded, but isn't too bad. And they have large tables so you can spread out.

Aug 29, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

2014 State Fair Food -- report the hits and misses!

I've been out to the fair a few times so far this year.

Here's my hits and misses of the new stuff I've had:

Chicken in a waffle: Best new food there is, although on a hot, humid day the waffle cone became rather chewy. Save it for a less humid day, if you can. But still REALLY good.

Blue Moon shaved ice cream thingy. I had the blueberry pancake variety. The blue color was insanely artificial, but the product itself was surprisingly good. Like most good fair foods, share this one with a group. There's too much for one person, and it isn't SO GOOD that you don't want to share.

Dave's Korean Pork thingy: Tasted good. But 7 bucks for 3 little pieces of pork and some pickles? Skip it.

Blue cheese corn fritters: The best part is the sauce. In one of the blue plate restaurants this would be worth getting. At the fair? Not worth the stomach space.

Meatloaf on a stick: Waaay too much sauce. Like the fritters, order meatloaf at your favorite Blue Plate restaurant. This one isn't destination food.

Hot Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich: Worth a try. It's two warm waffles with a slab of ice cream between them. How can that be bad? Answer: It can't be.

Pretzel Curds: The crunchy coating was good, but they ended up tasting a lot more like small mozzarella sticks than fried cheese curds. I'd stick with the originals for my state fair curd fix.

I didn't try the lobster on a stick, but my eyes and the people I was with confirmed that word was that there was too much batter for the amount of lobster.

Back at the fair tomorrow for the Llama costume competition! And probably stuffing my face some more. I still haven't had a milkshake at this year's fair. THE HORROR.

Minneapolis Marriott City Center, not to miss places walking distance from here?

Also, HELLO TDQ!!!!!! We must chow down again soon!

Real Authentic Chinese Food In the Area

The Little Szechuan location on the U of M Campus is also quite good - and has a decent lunch special deal.

And yes, Keefer Court is still amazing as well.

Jun 06, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis Marriott City Center, not to miss places walking distance from here?

My Minneapolis guilty pleasure is the Diamond Dog at The Depot, only a couple of blocks up 7th. It's a 1/4lb hot dog, wrapped in pepper bacon, deep fried and served on a pretzel bun. It sounds horrible. It tastes amazing. Plus you can actually feel yourself die just a little bit when you eat it.

If you're there before 5 or 6, you can get a diamond dog, fries, and a beer for $10. A bargain.

All of the food at The Depot is top notch bar food. If you're looking for that sort of thing, do it. If you're looking for fine dining, others will chime in on this thread and guide you.

Jun 03, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Poutine

The Lodge in Robbinsdale uses fried Cheese Curds on their Poutine. They're the "bad one" I referred to above.

I also had The Depot's Poutine, not bad but the gravy was too hot, and it sat too long before coming to the table. All of the curds had melted, making the whole thing a bit too much of a mess.

Apr 21, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

King cakes in the twin cities

In past years, Byerly's Stores has had them (you have to insert the hidden coin/baby yourself, it is not baked in) Here's their blog post from last year:

There was a bakery in Maplewood that had them, and they were... not good.

Feb 28, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Poutine

It is still on the menu at Rabbit Hole

Rye has a very good (albiet somewhat inconsistent) poutine.

I've not been there yet, but Tom Reid's apparently has the best one. It is, afterall, hockey bar, owned by a Canadian, frequented by visiting hockey media!

It's also served at Mac's Fish and Chips!

I recently had a bad one. Fried Cheese Curds! UG!!

Also, Trader Joe's now sells frozen Poutine, if you're in a DIY mood, but don't actually want to make any of the ingredients yourself!

Feb 13, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Seeking Falafel Greatness Near SW Mpls

Mim's does have fine felafel. It's the only thing on their menu worth eating.

Surprisingly close to you is Athens Cafe in Robbinsdale. They have a great "plain" felafel, a fantastic off-menu spicy felafel (Just ask for it!) and the best Hummus in the Twin Cities.

And if you wait a couple of weeks, you can wave to the folks waiting to eat at Travail while you chow down on your felafel. :-)

Jan 22, 2014
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Happy hour(s) before T-Wolves game suggestions please

The Depot! Until 6PM you can get The daily Delight. A burger (beef or veggie, or diamond dog or chili dog) and fries and a beer (or soft drink) for 10 bucks.

Nov 12, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where are the donuts?

I love donuts. OMG, do I love donuts. Unfortunately, the Twin Cities Donut "scene" is dominated by the fancypants donut. I love a maple bacon donut as much as anyone, but the donut purist in me dies a little bit every time I have one.

Here's what the purists need to know about:
Valley Pastries. 2570 Hillsboro Ave N in Golden Valley. (Basically 169 and Medicine Lake Road) They're open from 5AM - 11AM Tuesday - Saturday, and 5:30AM-10AM on Sundays.

I recently found them, and they have the best "plain ole donuts" in the Twin Cities. They're all hand cut, and you can get both yeast and cake varieties! If you play your cards right, you might even luck into warm donuts.

I promise you that if you find the place, you will love the donuts. But, it's also the kind of place Chowhound was created to discuss. Off the beaten path, and with hours that are, at best, difficult. (Amazingly, they've been in that location since 1987. They trace their history back to 1962)

I did find one blog post with pictures of their product:

Best TC Russian Deli?

I've only been there once, and it was a long time ago, but here's a lead:

Oct 14, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Chowdown at Irrawaddy - Sunday, 13 October 6:00 pm

I didn't see this until too late! But, I'm up for a future chowdown/reunion!

Oct 14, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Victory 44

V-44 is my neighborhood restaurant. Twitter and Facebook are definately the place to go for the menu. They keep that up to date.

The change in hours that happened recently was only kitchen hours. They now open the kitchen at 11AM during the week. The coffee shop still opens when it always did - so the reduction is to weekday breakfast.

As for The Perfect Burger - it isn't celebrity chef priced, it's happy hour priced. From 5:00-5:44 it is half price. That's when you should get it - everyone in the restaurant will have one.

Sep 29, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: New Restaurant(?) - Grand Szechuan in Bloomington

I love Grand Szechuan, it is WAY better than Tea House these days. Sadly, in the evenings, the Plymouth Grand Szechuan has almost always been nearly empty.

They merged the two menus some time ago - now the merged menu is quite a bit thinner.

Jun 18, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: New Restaurant(?) - Grand Szechuan in Bloomington

I recently went to the Plymouth Tea House, and was dissapointed. The menu has gotten significantly smaller. And what we had wasn't nearly as good as it once was.

Jun 14, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best cannoli?

The new pastry shop at Cosetta's is awesome, if you're into italian pastries.

Jun 13, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Thai Chicken Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of this type of pizza, but if you are Psycho Suzi's has a rendition on their pizza menu.

Jun 13, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

[MSP] Lemon Meringue Pie Time! (St. Paul)

I called the cathedral.

The 2013 pie sale will be on Sunday April 14th. The woman i spoke to suggested arriving either just before or just after the 8AM mass as the pies sell out quickly. She said they're usually all gone by noon.

She didn't know if prices would be the same as last year, but said that if I called back in a couple of weeks she would know.

I probably won't remember, so if you want an update, the phone number for the Cathedral office is 651.228.1766.

Mar 21, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Robbinsdale and Travail. Updates.

I live in Robbinsdale. I ate at Travail during their "soft opening." I was there the day they got their first liquid Nitrogen, and Mike looked at me and exclaimed, "Dude! We made fucking dippin' dots!"

A *LOT* has changed since those days, yet not much at all. Even back then they were talking about opening a second spot in Robbinsdale as a bar.

Before they got all of the press, Travail was Robbinsdale's neighborhood restaurant. One of their goals of the move is to "bring the neighborhood" back. They *WANT* to be a neighborhood hang out. (Read the story Rick Nelson wrote back in December on the move for quotes:


These days, Victory 44 is my neighborhood restaurant, mostly because the suburbanites haven't figured out they perform at as high of a level for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (And turn out some of the best coffee-based beverages in the Twin Cities.)

By making "Travail" smaller, they can really pull off the molecular gastronomy that brings in the suburbanites with fat wallets, and give them what they want.

Meanwhile, the community surrounding the restaurant gets Travail's skill in a wider variety of things - cocktails, sandwiches, pizza. If all y'all want in, it isn't far, or move to Robbinsdale! I live 5 miles from Target Field, yet get suburban street plowing, and walk and/or bike to Travail and Victory 44.

As for the location, they're moving into the building between Pawn America and Walgreens. The City of Robbinsdale is helping out with the demolition costs (and the fire department has been using it for training the last few weeks) but construction should begin soon!

Mar 21, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Cuban Sandwich - Pittsburgh Blue

And... of course... they're closing... Forever... On March 30th.

Go there while you can. Good stuff!

Mar 07, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Cuban Sandwich - Pittsburgh Blue

I've not tried it yet, but there's a Cubano on the menu at ALM Corner Cafe. I have had the arepas and cachapas, and they were great, so I suspect the Cuban would be as well.

Feb 25, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Icehouse Brunch

I had the savory eclaire this weekend, and it is delicious! It's two churro shaped (they don't taste at all like churros) frosted pieces of pastry, cut open with pork belly and something creamy (cheese, perhaps?) inside, served with a sunny side up egg between them.

It's a great mix of sweet, salty, and savory. Especially when you get the egg yolk mixed in with everything else.

Jan 08, 2013
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: New Restaurant(?) - Grand Szechuan in Bloomington

The biggest update to this thread is that Grand Szechuan now has a second location in Plymouth. Every time I've been there for dinner, there has only been one or two other tables occupied. But everything I've ordered has been outstanding.

Hopefully they draw a big lunch crowd from the local businesses.

It's my go to Szechuan now, just because it's so quiet. It's a nice change from usual large tables of boisterous eaters that you'll find at the other places!

Nov 29, 2012
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hunting for Fini balsamic vinegar in Mpls/St. Paul

Don't know if they have that brand, but Cosetta's has a pretty good selection of balsamics in their grocery section.

Sep 14, 2012
Danny in Minneapolis-St. Paul