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Moving to Portland, ME

I come from Los Angeles and have been absolutely adoring the food culture there. I am moving to Portland for law school and I am hoping that Portland might be able to offer me a similar experience. Can anyone recommend me some good places that will offer me diversity and flavor? Things like korean bbq, innovative seafood, asian fusion, mexican, etc?

Jul 11, 2010
jennvn in Northern New England

Chicken place on Olympic Blvd?

Yes, it was Dino's. I got my streets mixed up and eventually drove down Pico and found it. Thank you :)

Jan 06, 2010
jennvn in Los Angeles Area

Chicken place on Olympic Blvd?

There is a chicken place on Olympic Blvd that serves up their chicken (the chicken is almost completely red in color) with a side of fries and this amazing vinegar sauce. However, I cannot remember the name and am searching for it. I know that it is before Wienerschnitzel's on Olympic, heading east. Also, it is a shack, basically, that also serves burgers and chili cheese fries. There is always smoke coming out of it and I have been looking for the name but have yet to have the time to go look for it. Does anyone know of it?

Dec 27, 2009
jennvn in Los Angeles Area