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Why Al Di La and not Locanda Vini e Oili???

This place is just terrible. I'll go ahead and echo the previous sentiments of so many posters. The food is simply bland and boring and excusing it as "not salted to American standards" misses the point. Perhaps if they were to procure higher quality ingredients it would make a difference. Perhaps. Some of the dishes are just plain insulting they are so mediorcre. I suppose for this reason one can be grateful that the portions are so small. Another point I've not seen anyone mention: housemade pasta is somewhat of an art and those who have not mastered it should stick with dried variety. VeO take note. I'm not one to gripe about poor service and could care less if the owner/waitstaff is gracious. However, with such mediocre food and high prices, the staff should be doing all they can to keep people from crying foul. I also agree with those statements regarding the bread and the tasteless green whatever that they serve with it. I've been twice now and won't be back. If you find yourself hungry and in this neighborhood, Yafa deli has pretty good fried chicken...

Jul 22, 2007
Joseph S in Outer Boroughs