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Best Asian cookbook?

anything by charmaine solomon. seriously, she is my go-to author for all types of asian foods. also, jeffrey alford & naomi duguid do really nice books - almost a little on the food porn side, but their recipes are legit. finally, for chinese, irene kuo's "key to chinese cooking" is considered required reading. happy wokking.

Feb 22, 2013
tim from wpg in Home Cooking

desperately seeking susur

been in the peg for close to 4 years now. how time flies. have established modest connections but still don't feel grounded here. lots of reasons, but i remain the optimist. bottom line: i like to cook, i am adventurous and outgoing, i like to get things done. seeking like-minded winnipeg folks and start a dinner club or some sort of foodie interaction type thingie...obviously still loosely defined, but hopefully there are other people out there who are looking to make winnipeg a tad more interesting. yes? no? perhaps? cheers and happy cooking.

Ramen: Not Just for Broke Drunks

definitely try your ramen noodles with an egg...sort of an egg drop soup. and chopped up spinach. makes it feel more like a real meal. even when you are not hung-over.

May 23, 2011
tim from wpg in Features

where to buy chorizo sausage in winnipeg?

help. i am a transplanted torontonian and wpg has a pretty good food scene (somewhat disjointed, but pretty good) and sometimes i want chorizo but have been unable to find it. thanks. tim.

israeli couscous in winnipeg?

i have been looking without success, which is somewhat surprising because wpg has a jewish community and an ok food scene....can anyone help? Thanks. Tim.

Fried muskrat


Dec 27, 2009
tim from wpg in Recipes