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Chinatown 2 updates: some new places

It opened about six months ago

Chinatown 2 updates: some new places

I agree, its very good my gf from Dalian loves it.

Shish Taouk

Give Boustan another shot... I went there a month ago sober and it was much better than the previous time.

For panthere vert (near concordia there is one two blocks from boustan) I think the best pita is the falafusion (2nd on menu)- everyone I introduce it to loves it.

ISO sweet pickled cauliflower

I know Lufa sells it but I no longer get baskets from them.... In grocery stores I only find cauliflower with other veggies in a spicy pickle ...

Anyone know where I can buy some?

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

Pintxo burnt down so its closed for now.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Nos thes moved quite a few months ago (6?) to St Cath near Guy.

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Please report back... its actually been open for a few weeks I think and I want to know how it is before I tryit

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

The sandwich shop is now open where sushiman used to be on guy and de maisoneuve.

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Passed by and looks like they will open very shortly!

ISO Qubecois Jarred Herb Mixture available only in the Montreal area?

You can buy it at PA on Fort.

Sake in Montreal

The only place you can legally buy sake to take home is the saq and the website lists the availability of every bottle they carry.

Montreal restaurants with vegetarian options, including a special-occasion place?

and green panther!

Berri/UQAM area - 2014

Probably a good idea to start your own thread about that if that is what you really wanted to know rather than hijack this one..

Brigade Pizza is officially open

Thanks for the review....that is what I thought... I walked by pannizza a few days ago and it looked like fast food pizza hut quality so I didnt bother even going inside.

Tipping delivery or take out. Do you? How much?

When are you not given the option to tip someone?

Aug 15, 2014
kpaxonite in Not About Food

Looking for a food truck for a corporate event

There was a post a while back from someone who said they had spent 15-20 per person I think

(instant) ramen on the Plateau

You probably dont need to travel that far to get them. The PA on fort sells good ramen such as nongshim 5-packs (not the ones in the link you posted though..). I wouldnt be surprised if the PA on parc sells them too..or maybe Eden in lacite. You could call the japenese and korea shop on saint catherine to verify the brand you want but I know they sell all the nongshim 5 packs included the black premium one (i prefer the regular spicy one).

Looking for dinner recommendations

You will be staying two minutes away from Kazu which is worth checking out (arrive 15 mins before they open for dinner if you dont want to wait in line). Also close to myriade if you like coffee.

Best Poutine

There are many threads on this topic.

I recommend Patiti Patata or Frite Alors or Poutineville...or maybe even just La Belle Province.

The most popular place is La Banquise.

I suggest getting the traditional poutine wherever you decide to go... like pizza, poutine gets worse the more toppings you have

Dim Sum in Chinatown

The dim sum you can get in NYC is far better than what you can get in Montreal.

Restaurant offering limited menu - is this weird? [moved from General Topics]

Three or four tables dont need to be served at exactly the same time...

Wasted food due to guest taking too much -- any solutions?

That would definitely be wayyyy out of line and rude. Might as well not invite them rather than insult them.

The best Épiceries in Montreal?

I like Veille Europe ... for a specialty shop with some prepared food right downtown Fou D'ici is pretty good

Best Home Meal Delivery Service in Montreal?

Chef on call is average at best.. typical delivery fast food for (drunk) college kids; nothing special at all.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

I dont think its an anti schwartz thing..its just that some people think its the holy grail of smoked meat and it really isnt...montreal has other options, as you pointed out.

Jarred pasta sauces?

I tried that sauce recently because it was offered through Lufa (for 12$ like you said) and I have to say I found it quite disappointing too...I thought it would be better and had high hopes but I found it had a strange taste and peppers just didnt work. Acrid is definitely the right word to describe it.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

When was the last time you ate at Schwartz? Have you tried other smoked meat in Montreal?

Restaurant Amarone

wow looks dreadful

Fish Sauce Problem

Yes its obviously still safe

Jul 31, 2014
kpaxonite in General Topics

Lay's Potato Chips' New Flavors -- Seen or Tried Them?

And cucumber is very popular

Jul 30, 2014
kpaxonite in General Topics