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Lamb in Iowa City?

I'm looking to get a lamb leg or shoulder to roast Saturday in Iowa City. Is there a butcher anywhere?

Dec 07, 2011
evehamilton in Great Plains

Please Help Plan our MSP Foodie Weekend!

My bf and I will be spending two nights in the MSP soon, getting a much needed little breather from living in the middle of nowhere, Iowa (we're NYC / SF transplants...times are tough). Therefore, we will spend this vacation eating, and eating, and eating, and drinking.
Specifically, I'm looking for recommendations on (starred items are priorities):
- Best morning coffee *
- Best breakfast joints
- Cheap ethnic foods that we don't get in IA (Hmong, Somali, Viet, etc.)
- IF there is good sushi in MPS, good sushi
- Jewish food?
- Anywhere that pours local wine (Midwestern)
- Authentic fish fry? Fried smelt fry, specifically? My bf is way into smelt. He'd just about melt (ha!) if I took him to a smelt fry *
- Beer nerd beer bars
- Best beer / liquor store *
- Great cocktail bars (like old school cocktails, not 'tinis)
- Late night / street food
And of course anything you want to add... We're not, by any means, rich, though we are the kinds of people who spend the money we have on eating. So tips on happy hours, specials, free things, are much appreciated.
Also, any recs on getting around town late night if we've been drinking without paying for cabs? Probably staying downtown St. Paul...