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Taqueria Burritos

they have a smoker in the back kitchen, thats what the cashier told me...i think they smoke the corn too...

Taqueria Burritos

Taqueria Burrito Bar is the best! there is a location at yonge and york mills. They actually smoke their meat and corn with a traditional smoker...flavours are amazing

looking for a chic restaurant to go in south beach

I never knew there was a Mr.Chow in are right the one in NYC isnt that great

looking for a chic restaurant to go in south beach

hey all I will be in Miami next weekend and am looking for a a trendy restaurant to go too. Somewhere with a great atmosphere. Not picky with the type of food they serve as long as its good!!!

any worth while restaurants to check out???

oops i meant nobu...i am looking for something trendy in decor. I like Asian fusion, so along those lines

Feb 18, 2010
ywivychen in Manhattan

any worth while restaurants to check out???

I will be in NYC for the weekend...can someone suggest any where to go have a good dinner. I have been to Nubo and Mr.Chow way too many times.


Feb 16, 2010
ywivychen in Manhattan

Bagel frustration

i love Gryfe's bagels...Kiva are good too

High Tea

One of my fav places for high tea is Windsor Arms...however recently I went to Moroco in Yorkville and it was great...their truffles were to die for...enjoy!!!

McDonald's charging for Big Mac sauce now?

i have been to many micky d's in my area and they have made me pay for mac sauce...i hate it...dont they made enough money already???

Jan 26, 2010
ywivychen in Chains