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Skor toffee bits

Vanilla Food Company in Ontario, Canada does not have them on their site. But you might want to email them and see if they can order some. They are a small company so they might be able to help you. $9.95 flat rate shipping to US.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

I like the muffaletta at Angeline's, so far it is the best I can find outside of greater New Orleans. Ebbett's Good to Go makes a very good muf but not on the menu often enough.

Home Chef Cooking School

Please check my reply to Sunnysugar below - I tried to upload a jpeg of the recipe for baked penne weith cheese sauce we prepared in the Classic Sauces lesson at Home Chef

Home Chef Cooking School

I have a recipe for basic cheese sauce and baked penne with cheese sauce from the Essentials class I took back in 3/99 at Home Chef in Walnut Creek - I tried to upload the jpeg scan - hope you can read it

Local source for Bulk Callebaut Chocolate

Try Sugar n Spice in Colma - about 2 blocks from the Colma Bart station

Longbranch Saloon - Berkeley

Hey BoneAppetite - Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel!

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

12th Street BART to Jack London Square is more than 5 short blocks - do the math 12 minus 1 (Embarcadero West = 1 st St.):)
You were probably having such a great time with good friends that the walk seemed very short.

Cookies, the custom ones

Maybe Spun Sugar in Berkeley


Á Côté on College - Mussels with Pernod!

Cheapo SF Rice Plates

My dad used to work at the the Naval Supply Center and would go there for lunch. He took me there often for a cheap dinner - Shrimp and Lobster sauce over rice was also my favorite - I remember him always ordering gravy beef over rice. I think the kids of the couple who owned Economy Cafe all went to Cal.

Muffaletta Bread

I have not found any rolls that resemble what Central Grocery, Nor Joe's or Napolean House uses so I just use Kaiser rolls that I buy at Safeway. I believe the "Ebbett's Good to Go" truck uses Acme Focaccia in their Muf's - I have only had a muffaletta from Ebbett's once - very good sandwich, one of the best muf's outside of New Orleans - wish they offered it more often.

Best food truck food at the Treasure Island Flea Market?

If you order the schnitzel at Old World, make sure you get it with the "smear" - which I believe is their version of chopped chicken livers - it makes the sandwich!

Dave's Killer Bread at Safeway in San Francisco

I know this is an older post but saw a Safeway's ad for Dave's Killer Bread - $3.99 Club Price this week starting 10/16/2013

chargrilled oysters

Whoa - I'm going to check this episode out - thanks!

Sep 30, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans

chargrilled oysters

I am not local - tourist from the left coast - I have only had the charbroiled oysters at Drago's in Metarie - really good! Was in town last April for the Women's Final Four - had 1/2 dozen charbroiled and the cob salad - was a very happy camper.
I did see charbroiled oysters on the menu at Oceana on Conti in the Quarter, made a note to try them on my next trip.

Sep 21, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans

Crane Melon Barn Open. [Santa Rosa]

Thanks for the reminder - cannot believe it is nearly October

Best Fresh Fish Market East Bay?

Tokyo Fish - easier parking than Monterey Fish - free parking in the Dollar Tree lot.

Russian River Valley 600-pound Apple Pie

How were the Pinots?

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - August 2013

August 24-25 - 19th Annual Bodega Seafood, Art & Wine Festival

your Favorite things from Cheeseboard?
Eric and Carol are still going strong! Great pasta, love the olive bread - I believe they have pizza 2 days a week???

Tatsuno-ya Ramen @Mitsuwa [San Jose]

I arrived today about 1 pm (had to stop at the San Jose Tofu
and Shuei-do for manju first) there were about 15 people in line but the line moved fast. My knowledge of Ramen is limited - I thought this ramen was really good! And piping hot - I wish it was a cold night instead of 80° weather - I was quite pleased as one could tell by the empty bowl. Very happy that I took the 75 minute drive to San Jose. Of course I left my camera in the truck and was too lazy to go out and get it - fearing that the line might be longer. When I finished, I did go into the market to pick up a few things and noticed that there were only 2 people in line - I must have hit the end of the Thursday lunch crowd.

Tatsuno-ya Ramen @Mitsuwa [San Jose]

OK - what I am getting from these post is if I go over today - Thursday, July 25 - I should be able to get some Tatsunoya Ramen - I don't have to wait until the weekend and fight the crowds - coming from the North Bay. Although I am an "All American Boy" my family roots are from Fukuoka and my second cousins live in Kurume so I am excited to try the ramen.

Cafe Reconcile- No Foodie review allowed

Thanks for the report - I am putting Cafe Reconcile on the top of my lunch list for the next time I visit my favorite city. I think the location is close to where Uglesich's restaurant use to be.

Jul 19, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans

Tokyo Fish

So if the piece is not 2/3 or less, you make them recut it - no wonder the line never moves!

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events, June 2013 -

direct link to 2013 festival:

New Richmond Grocery Outlet Store - May 23 Opening.

I hope this means that Kwang Tung will be reopening - they have been closed since the Hacienda was torn down and the renovations were being made for the new Grocery Outlet. The sign on their window said closed for a few weeks because it was not safe to be open with all of the construction going on.

Trip Report: Passport to Dry Creek Valley 2013

Great report. Love the pictures - did you guys rent a small bus or limo?
I have attended the Passport event for quite a few years. In the "old days" there were 20 wineries involved so you could visit all 20 (if you "road showed") in two days. Lately we have only been purchasing the Sunday Only passport. Did not go to Rafanelli or Mauritson this year because the lines were too long although they always put out a great spread. I always enjoy Peterson, not for the wines (dessert wine is quite good) but because I think Fred, Jan and Jamie are some of the nicest people in the Dry Creek Valley. One winery I would add to your list is Optima. Wines are good - have purchase their Reisling the past two years.
They have you take a seat and serve you a choice of three items - this year I chose the lamb - two bbq lamb - on the bone - with a small salad - always great food - not crowded like Rafanelli. Unfortunately Optima will be moving and are planning on building a new winery (current location is in the warehouses near downtown Healdsburg) so they may not participate in Passport next year. Passport is one if the events I always look forward to - and now with it is no longer a lottery system for tickets you can make sure you get a passport by logging on to the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley website and purchasing passports on Feb. 1.

Dinners for a single

When I am visiting I never worry about being a single dinner - just go to the restaurants I want to try - I always tell them I do not mind sitting at the bar but most of the time I am at a table - usually have great conversations with the staff. I did feel a little bad at Drago's in Metairie about 2 weeks ago - they were busy and I was seated at a table for 4 - the hosted did not want me to have to wait and I guess all of the other parties waiting were 6 or more - food and service was great, very friendly staff.

Apr 23, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans

Considering Mr. B's?

3rd the post - I love Mr. B's BBQ Shrimp! Can be a little messy but that's why they give you the bib and hot towel. Also their no-bake cheesecake (which is often not on the menu, but I have the recipe - they give out recipes) is so light and creamy. The service is usually some of the best you will find.

Apr 21, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans

Charlie's Seafood closing

Glad I made it to Charlie's last week when I was in town. Was very surprised when I saw the note on the door telling of their pending closing. The place was packed at 7 pm Friday night - 30 minute wait unless I wanted to take small table in the "waiting area" which I did (dining solo) I was craving a fried seafood platter - quite good - I really liked the accompanying cold slaw and housemade tartar sauce - staff could not have been nicer.

Apr 18, 2013
Bigshadetree in New Orleans