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looking for a good bagel in Sarasota

Jim's Small Batch Bakery has very good bagels. $1.25 each and $1.75 with cream cheese. He also makes the best muffins in town. They are not "stodgy" and are filled with luscious blueberries. or cranberries, as the case may be. They are just the right size for a tasty treat.

Mar 27, 2012
steverino4 in Florida

SARASOTA Isan Thai Restaurant

We have eaten twice at Isan within the last two weeks First time the satay was good and seafood soup was spicy and very good. Chicken entree was fine but nothing special. Second time we had to send back the satay because the chicken was stringy, plus it appeared to have been fried!! The soup was also a big disappointment. Like you, we went there with high hopes. We were told there are two different cooks so don't know if that is a good enough excuse. May give it another try after it settles down.

Mar 24, 2012
steverino4 in Florida

More Sarasota restaurants

Hello Suzigirl

Morel's menu can be found at morelrestaurant.com. As you can tell from the photograph, the interior has a bistro look and feel. I would not consider it a celebratory destination however. It is lacking in visual pizazz but the food is excellent.

One happy, healthy and at this point hungry person.

Mar 22, 2012
steverino4 in Florida

From NY and desparately searching for cheese curd!!!

I asked Karl Nelson, the owner of Greenleaf Wisconsin Cheese, if he shipped cheese curd and he told me he does. His e-mail address is greenleafcheese@hotmail.com His website is greenleafcheese.com

Oct 28, 2011
steverino4 in Florida

Sarasota German Chocolate Cake

Try Jim's Small Batch Bakery at 941-922-2253 located in the Gulf Gate area of Sarasota. I haven't ordered a birthday cake but his cakes are all delicious and I'.m sure you won't be disappointed
.Check him out on Facebook.


Oct 26, 2011
steverino4 in Florida

More Sarasota restaurants


I think the following two Sarasota restaurants deserve a mention.

MOREL'S. Located in a strip center on Tuttle at Bee Ridge. This restaurant is continental, cooking is very french. Sole Amandine topped with either shrimp or scallops is delicious. Escargot are good, soups are delicious, and they have a very good creme brulee.

MIGUEL's on Midnight Pass Rd. on Siesta Key. This is a restaurant that appeals to the more senior Chowhounders. It is family owned, one brother in the kitchen and the other out front. Cooking style is french, the menu is varied. The Early Bird Special consists of four courses and is one of the best values in town. It has a loyal local following so reservations are a good idea.


Aug 13, 2011
steverino4 in Florida

Appetizers in San Francisco

Thank you for your suggestions. We will give them all a try.

Best to all in 2010

Appetizers in San Francisco

Hi Everyone - Happy Holidays

We will be in San Francisco next month. Would like to visit a few bistros/bars where one can order appetizers to accompany a glass of wine. North Beach/Nob Hill are would be our first choice. Thanks.