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Any recs for French macarons in Orange County?

What Brodard in Westminster are you referring to? The Brodard Restaurant on Westminster Blvd. in Garden Grove? Do they always have macarons?

Any new places for macarons on the westside?


Any new places out there selling french macarons? I've been to Paulette's and La Province. Frances Bakery and Jin are a bit out of the way. Anything else out there? thanks!

Orange County Center for the Performing Arts.

I third Marche Moderne. Excellent. And I agree that Ortica is to be skipped.

Marche Moderne
3333 Bristol St 3001, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Places to buy fish?

good point, Mutt!

Ollallieberrie Pie at Jongewaard's Bake N Broil

They sell ollallieberries at the fruit stand at the corner of Sunflower and MacArthur in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa near South Coast Plaza. Their strawberries are quite delightful as well.

Help Navigating the VEGGIE GRILL menu

The Chop chop chef is delightful even if you don't like fake meat items.

Has anyone ever tried Le Versailles Boulangerie & Patisserie in Westminster?

I'm particularly interested in views on their macarons. Thanks for any insights.

Any recs for French macarons in Orange County?

I saw an old thread on this topic, but I was hoping there are some updates...