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Pre-wedding meeting of the parents

My fiance and I are getting married in a few months and it is time for the parents to meet. We live in NW DC, one set of parents are coming down from the Baltimore area and the other is coming up from the south so we thought Silver Spring would be a good place in the middle to meet. Looking for recommendations for some casual, moderately priced (entrees in the $15 range) places that would appeal to a wide range of appetites and not be too loud so that shouting was not necessary for conversation. What does the Chowhound board suggest? Thanks

A week in Atlanta with for work. Need recommedations!

Coming to Atlanta for a week in mid-March with clients and with co-workers. We're a work hard, drink hard group that tries to get local flavor whenever we can - especially when we're trying to avoid the business travelers we deal with all day. We're staying near Peachtree Center so places within stumbling distance or are a reasonable cab ride away are best . I'm a southern boy originally so I'd love to get some real BBQ (not the stuff that passes for that in the Northeast) and some real soul food. The last night we'll need to impress some people with a great dining experience that has great food but isn't stuffy.
Where do we eat? Where do we drink? Where do we go to impress?

Feb 16, 2010
BillDCat in Atlanta

Thoughts on Ashby Inn

Looking for early spring get away to the hunt/wine country in NoVa for myself and my girlfriend. I've heard great things about the Ashby Inn, but I've also read some bad reviews. Has anyone had recent experience there at the restaurant or as a guest of the Inn?

Best place in Manhattan for a low key, romantic dinner?

Taking my girl to NYC for her birthday and I'm looking for a low key, romantic place to take her. Was thinking Veritas, but was told that it can be cramped and loud (tables are really close apparently). Prune was one friends' recommendation. Any thoughts from this board? Place doesn't have to be fancy or expensive - good food and a relaxed, intimate setting are the most important. Thanks!

Dec 25, 2009
BillDCat in Manhattan