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Moving to St. Catharines -- tips?

I lived there 8 years ago as a student, also didn't have a car which is a pain to get to anywhere since buses aren't that frequent.

Back when I was there, there's only one Asian grocery store, should be the same one other people mentioned.

The only restaurant we students like to go to is Fresco's, they have roast beef sundays and big bowls of caeser salad... it was better than the cafeteria stuff.

Bulldog Coffee Toronto - A lot of bull, not a lot to write home about

I like to chime in too... I stopped going to bulldog also because of one of his employee (assuming you meant the big one) and there I thought I was the only one ... until I see this thread!!

I like the owner, S, he's a cool guy, not necessary super nice (I've seen him kicked out people who stayed too long, they didn't call him the coffee nazi for nothing), but at least seems genuine. If he's having a bad day, he won't put up a front and pretend to be nice just because you're a customer. Having worked in the service industry before, i get that, so no complaints on this front.

On his good days, he would make incredible latte art on my drink, like triple hearts, even though he didn't really know me nor was i a regular. One time when I introduce my friend to his place, he seemed genuinely pleased and was really nice asking how my friend like her drink. Once you figure out the rules in that place, don't use small change, keep the line moving, don't overstay, it was for a long time my favourite coffee shop.

However, in the last few years, maybe S's exhausted or tired, he stopped working as much in the afternoon and I got stuck with his annoying employee, who put up this prissy attitude when he takes order or asks customers to clean up after themselves in a supremely fake polite tone. It's more annoying when he choose to be selectively nice to only some people, mostly his friends, long time regulars or the guys who gives out parking tickets in the area (with a special mention what his own car look like) while being quite jerky to almost everyone else.

But the main reason I stopped going is that this guy keeps pulling these shots that gives me a headache (never happened when S or even his former employee Amber was around).

Maybe it was just me psychologically repulsing him, but I haven't been back for almost a year. I've been meaning to go back during the morning hours to try to catch S when he's in store, I miss having the bulldog.

I think most people here who got the bad service and/or bad drinks mostly likely got it from the prissy employee and not S.