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Three dinners in Palm Springs area?

Chop House is one of the Top 10 steakhouses in the US (I have read) - fabulous!
Sammy G's is another that is more continental/Italian in flavor.
Copley's is another one - was originally Cary Grant's desert home.
From the other response, Cheeky's is just breakfast and lunch starts at 11:30 - they are closed Tuesday - close each day at 2 pm - very unique and tasty items...
The Falls Steakhouse is another good choice, as well as Matchbox.
Down below Matchbox is my favorite: Maracas (formerly Mariposa).

All of these mentioned are on Palm Canyon in either uptown or downtown Palm Springs and are my favorites (I live in Palm Springs, so I frequent all).

Jul 22, 2010
JannaJ in California

Breakfast and Cinnamon Buns in Palm Springs

...or maybe Billy Reed's?

Dec 25, 2009
JannaJ in California