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Low-temp prime rib roasting (Cook's Illustrated recipe etc.)

Lots of people talking about using a rack in the roasting tin,but personally I prefer my method of raising the beef joint:
Cut some large onions in half and place cut side down in the roasting tin and spread garlic cloves,BIG chunks of carrot and parsnip around the tin and sprinkle with chopped rosemary,black pepper,salt and extra virgin olive oil.
You then brown/caramelize the beef in a pan and sit it on the onions (you want enough onions to support all the roast so it doesn't touch the roasting tray).
Then just cook the beef as per your preferred method .
Once you remove the meat to rest you should have lots of meat juices,herbs and vegetables sitting in the roasting tin.After draining off the most of the fat use a potato masher to mash the veg etc in the roaster and (on the hob) add a few spoons of flour and fry gently.Then add your stock and cook out the flour to make some of the tastiest gravy you'll have ever had .

Hope this may have been some use to some of you......oh and a merry christmas :)

Dec 25, 2009
Germ in Home Cooking