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road trip from Raleigh to Atlanta.

I will be traveling by car from Raleigh to Atlanta.

A. any cant miss places for drive not picky.

B. when I arrive in Atlanta I will be looking for great restaurants at reasonable prices.I will be staying in cnn center for convention

c. is fat mats rib shack still best place for ribs !

thank you

Apr 07, 2013
beltline in Atlanta

southern resturants

i have business trip to boone north carolina.. i would love recommendations on places to eat right off highway within 10 miles and our breakfast and lunch place. i will be traveling from raleigh.

Jan 04, 2013
beltline in Southeast

Real soul food in triangle reigion

My mom is coming to town she would love to eat some real down home soul food. I've taken her to buffet place in garner which was awful. I've been to mama dips in chapel hill which was ok.

I would love to find some real southern cooking willing to travel hour if need be

Jan 25, 2011
beltline in Southeast

chesepeak,va 23320 brunch and dinner Help

Planning on visiting some relatives who are cheap and not foodies.I would appreciate a couple of places to eat on my short stay. I would prefer seafood restaurant as well as place for brunch as well as good old southern / soul food dinner .

on drive back to Raleigh, north carolina any thing off highway i must stop at

Jan 22, 2011
beltline in Mid-Atlantic

Asian Grill in North Raleigh

Sichuan style to me was not authentic. I'm from new york was looking foward to authentic food far from it

Jan 20, 2011
beltline in Southeast

Asian Grill in North Raleigh

read review in news obsever and got very excited . I had dinner at this resturant and it was awful . waitress didnt no menu . I would not eat there again trust me try it for lunch dont waste your time on dinner

Jan 19, 2011
beltline in Southeast

raleigh to outer banks (kill devil hills) where do i go eat

taking my first trip to outer banks leaving from raleigh. Would love some hole i wall places to eat on the way down as wellas some polaces to eat in kill devill hill area

Sep 08, 2010
beltline in Southeast

Great Pizza in North Raleigh

Tjere is no good pizza in north raleigh closet that you will find is forgetaboutitpizza

Dec 30, 2009
beltline in Southeast

Chesapeake, Va

looking for a good resturant for lunch dinner in chespake, va area. moderate price any type of food will be there this weekend

Dec 29, 2009
beltline in Mid-Atlantic

authentic italian food in Raleigh

i've just moved to wake forest looking for good quality italian been to viviache in north hlilsits ok any sugestions

Dec 24, 2009
beltline in Southeast