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HELP!! Too much ham!

Hi. I didn't have time to get back on the computer. Thank you for all of your help. I put 'Sam' in at 8am @ 325 on convection bake. It would've been ready in about 6 hours but dinner was at four so I just lowered the heat. I'm very happy to say everything was done on time and everyone wanted some leftovers....and there were plenty of leftovers. :-) Oh, and now I know that glaze for a 10 lb. ham is enough for a 24 pounder.
I would've sent you all some through the computer if I could. I hope you all enjoy the holidays and thank you again.

Dec 26, 2009
LClancy in Home Cooking

HELP!! Too much ham!

My butcher made a mistake and now I have a 24 lb. fresh ham. I've never cooked anything bigger than five pounds. My butcher said it would take about 5 hours to cook. How is that possible when it takes 2 hours to cook a 5 lb. ham? And how much glaze should I have ( I had enough for a ten pound that enough now)? I hope someone can help. This is my first time having Christmas dinner. My Mom passed away and I'm here holding the torch. I'm so mad at my butcher. I went over my order three separate times and asked them to check it when I picked it up. I even made a practice ham last week so when I got home and opened the bag to find that huge piece of meat.....ugh! Thanks for listening. And thank you for any help you can give me.


Dec 24, 2009
LClancy in Home Cooking