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Restaurants in Fresno area


Feb 02, 2012
ktsword in California

Restaurants in Fresno area

Thanks Stephanie and Gail. Good to know.

Jan 31, 2012
ktsword in California

Restaurants in Fresno area

Thanks PolarBear. I know Bobby and while I like him well enough his restaurants have never been on par with the original. Good to know about the Sal's at Fresno and Alluvial. I love their Fancy Burrito. I still dream about it, kind of like having a total hankering for Hungry Bear cookies come out of the blue. :D

Love Thai and Malaysian. Peruvian sound intriguing. We've learned to love food from El Salvador as well.

I checked and Butterfields was apparently sold back in 2000. Has anyone tried Sequoia Brewing? The Tower District always reminds me of summer nights in lawn chairs behind the Chicken Pie Shop and watching movies projected onto the back wall.

Jan 31, 2012
ktsword in California

Restaurants in Fresno area

We will be spending about five days in the Fresno area, but it has been nearly 18 years since I lived in the area and I no longer remember the restaurants.

We're planning to eat in Yosemite at the Ahwahnee Hotel one night (I was a sommelier there years ago) and also plan to eat at the original Sal's in Selma. I know - quite a contrast, but it's all about the food/experience and in the case of the Ahwahnee the memories.

Any other suggestions in Fresno? We'll eat most any type of cuisine. Fresh and flavorful food is a must.

Jan 30, 2012
ktsword in California

Vetro 1925 Fayetteville AR

Vetro 1925 at 17 E. Central in Fayetteville unofficially opened last night. The service was a little uneven as was to be expected, but the food was to die for. To begin with the food presentation was simple, but sophisticated.

We started with the calamari appetizer which had just the right amount of batter, flavor and wasn’t at all rubbery.

The favorite dish was the duck with gnocchi. So much of it was passed around that the person ordering it ended up with only half a plate. The pasta and shrimp, mussels, scallops, and clams with cherry tomatoes compared to a similar dish served at Bordinos a few streets over. Small sides of asparagus with shaved pecorino cheese and balsamic vinegar as well as fettuccine alfredo were fresh and flavorful.

We made room for desserts and bites were shared around the table. The lemon sorbet was served in a frozen lemon and was creamy and exactly what you would hope for. The tiramisu was traditional with moist ladyfingers, and mascarpone set off by just the right amount of espresso. They were out of the hazelnut crème brulee however.

The Picket Fence Pinot Noir was pleasant, but not exceptional. However, the wine and cocktail menu was extensive and we plan to have many more opportunities to sample its delights.

The menu is ala carte.

The owner is the same as that of Piattos in Tulsa OK.

A note about the ambience - The architect did a bang up job on combining darker, industrial elements of steel, brick and wood with light ultra modern touches and a huge murano glass sculpture hanging over the dining room. But the Pièce de résistance, pardon my French, is the backlit bar which changes color and visually flows off the bartop and up and over to the street. There are over 5,000 LED lights in the top.

Vetro 1925
17 E Center St, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Dec 03, 2011
ktsword in Central South

Why Do So Many Foodies Hate Whole Foods?

It's been 16 years since I lived in upstate New York and I still miss Wegman's. I also miss Kroger and Publix which were my standbys in South Carolina in addition to the small natural food markets and farmers markets.

I now live in the home of WalMart and although I love the area I hate being a guinea pig. Even the employees don't know where they put the low fat coconut milk this week! Perhaps if I were more advernturous I'd love playing hide and go seek with my grocery list every week. But please, people I just want to get the same item I got last week and find it in the same place without stumbling over pallets blocking the aisle in the middle of the day. Okay I feel better. But, next time you complain about Whole Foods try the home of WalMart and I assure you you will stop whining about WF.

Dec 03, 2011
ktsword in Features

Solo Dining in Little Rock?

We really enjoyed the Dizzy Gypsy Bistro. The prices were moderate particularly for lunch. We also sat out on the Veranda which was pleasant. Despite a few of the waitstaff being a little rough around the edges, the food more than makes up for any gaps. However, this is not a place to go if you are on a diet.

We ate there twice while in town, the second time expanding our party of three to eight. Both times we began the meal with the le petite roche cheese dip. It has just the right amount of heat for a con queso dip and was a favorite. The potato rosemary bread had a good flavor, but was very dry.

Salads came with dressings made from scratch. The black truffle was outstanding and even the blue cheese dip came with both wet and dry which was a nice touch.

One of our party had the fettuccine alfredo which although standard fare has a very creamy sauce that wasn't heavy despite that.

Other standouts were the quiches, Mary Ann's Dream Forever Young salad and the veggie cream cheese sandwich, The egg salad sandwich was terrific.

The wine list although small had some pleasant selections and the desserts were wonderful.

The one warning is that the portions are generous and most of us ordered half orders where available.

Sep 11, 2011
ktsword in Central South

Eureka Springs AR and Memphis TN Recomendations?

Cafe Soliel in Eureka Springs has changed owners - it is no longer Mediterranean. It is located on the far side of town on 62 headed toward Berryville. It is basically affordable gourmet food and there is a little something for everyone. Brunch is delicious as are the in-house desserts. The owner buys as much local produce from the area farmers as possible.

Emile's is good, but don't go there for the wine. Also, Sparky's is good road food.

Dec 24, 2009
ktsword in General South Archive