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Your Favourite 'Healthy' recipes?

Just wondering what your favourite healthy (main course) recipes are :-)

Note I asked for favourite as I guess your faves will be at least a little tasty lol.

Please post a link to the recipe or copy n paste into this thread.. thanks in advance!

Feb 07, 2010
nuCook in Home Cooking

Are there any UK specific cooking forums or online communities?

It seems most (like this one) are US, and I am finding a lot of the information about cookware is not relevant (I've lost count of the times I've searched for a recommended brand and it isn't available in the UK!).

So was just wondering if there are any big cooking community sites in the UK?

Mods please delete if this is not allowed.

Dec 23, 2009
nuCook in Food Media & News

Which Saute Pan?

I'm a newbie so please be gentle :-)

Which saute pan is best from these two?

The Le Creuset:
Or the Raymond Blanc by Anolon:

After speaking to both companies, the 3-ply in the Le Cruset goes up the sides, and the 5-ply in the Raymond Blanc is only on the base (so sides are stainless steel).

I went into John Lewis and had a look at both, the Raymond Blanc is a fair bit heavier than the Le Creuset, and also a little larger. They are both roughly the same price.

I can't decide - anyone got either? What do you think?

Dec 23, 2009
nuCook in Cookware