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Sautéed Calamari with Parsley and Garlic

My family is famous for cooking any kind of sea food. My ony advice to this recipe would be to add a little salt, black pepper, more garlic, more butter and more fresh italian parsley! But I suppose we love our flavors more intense ;-).

Jun 05, 2010
GanGan in Recipes

Chowfind: Marrakech (Moroccan) 1326 Danforth

Hot pot..... I have a couple years worth of memories there.

The food is alright, if you want to just eat and enjoy your tea and shisha. I usually get the "Kabsa with lamb" which is not really kabsa in any way shape or form, with laban (plain yogurt), but you can also get it with salad. All in all, its a decent dish wish a generous portion.

Their shisha is verryyy decent for Canada. I can only name one place better! They also have many drinks and sodas you can find back home in arab countries (miranda, fayrouz, barbican (I think, or many drinks like it), laban 3ayran... cant think of any more, but they're there). They also make a great morrocan tea.

If you like shisha and want a bite to eat, give it a try!

A place with better shisha, and also a good selection of sodas and such is Casa Blanca down the street. The shisha is great!!!!!

Dec 22, 2009
GanGan in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chowfind: Marrakech (Moroccan) 1326 Danforth

Marrakech Restaurant (Moroccan food) 1326 Danforth, Toronto

I went there early this week, and even though they were closed they served a friend and I. The food was incredible!!! Everything was flavourful, genuine and had so much passion for cuisine put into each item we had! For appetizers, we had Dolma and various pickled veggies as well as an eggplant dip, and for the meal we had two kinds of cous cous as well as lamb tangine (slow cooked lamb with unique morrocan flavor and spices)... we also tried the sea food and chicken pastilla.

The cookies were great too!

All in all, a great experience, friendly owners and service... and of course, the famous delicious morrocan green-mint tea :) you have to try to this place... Don't let the outside fool you!

Dec 22, 2009
GanGan in Ontario (inc. Toronto)