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Good way to doctor up jar spaghetti sauce?

I read through some of the posts and got a good laugh at one, no offense but taking canned tomatos/sauce is cheating and not making it from scratch, from scratch you get the ripe tomatos and start smashing and blending some for the sauce. But not too many people have time to walk around grab ingredients that think will fit well into a sauce and make it from scratch.
I'm a mother and a military wife, I'm also part italian grew up in an italian family learned a thing or two about quick easy pasta sauce.
Italian sausage is a lifesaver for one, so good, sometimes i fry it up and toss it in or I just toss it in ad let it simmer.
Onions gotta love the onions.
Extra italian seasoning.
Of course salt and pepper.
Bell peppers of all colors very good gives the eyes something to look at too. (Go light on them if they don't always agree with you.)
Meatballs very simple and quick to make especially if you bake them... while they bake you can be chopping and viola by the time you've got the sauce about ready toss the meatballs in let simmer for a few and yum yum.
If you are feeling like you want more there are so many things, zuccini and squash, smoked sausage, kielbasa, WINE!!, and any other spices you may like.
When I'm in a hurry though I run to the store, grab bertoli's (So good bertoli's is sooo soo good) usually the portebello mushroom and merlot. They have other wonderful flavors to. That brand of sauce is the first and only one that I have found I love from canned/jarred sauces. Not sweet not too tangy. Always just right especially when feeding the family. Gives you that yum feeling the warm fuzzy yum feeling :)
Happy sauce making.

Dec 22, 2009
Aestia in Home Cooking