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Search for lobster dinner in Boston area

Does Anthony's Pier 4 have white table cloths? If so, I had an excellent meal there within the last three years. And I took my mother (she is a grandmother), and she liked it too. Might be worth a look.

Not your average joe's norwell

We used to have one in Lexington and it closed because the rent was too high. It was generally a pleasant experience. I guess the nicest thing we can say is that sometimes we want to go back there and get a little sorry that it has closed. But then our ambition doesn't last long enough to get us to Arlington or to the newer location over in Burlington at the Wayside Commons. I used to get the mustard chicken and have enough leftover for lunch the next day. All in all, a decent place.

January 2010 Openings and Closings

I am not surprised. It was not very good. If you advertise yourself as a bun place, the buns ought to be better than what you can get in the frozen section at H Mart.

Upper Crust not for me

Agree agree agree. UC is overpriced for the mediocre quality they produce. We have started trucking to Flatbread out Rte 3 in Bedford for our suburban gourmet pizza fix. Much better, friendlier and similarly priced.