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Burritos at Salad Factory and the newly opened Chipotle [London]

If you're going for a burrito near Chancery Lane, you're far better off going to Daddy Donkey at Leather Lane Market (off High Holborn). It's only open weekday lunchtimes though.

As for Chipotle. I tried them out last week, and I'd have to agree it's probably as good a burrito as you can currently get in London. I get the feeling it's just a smidgen better than Daddy Donkey, but that's only because they have the advantage of a proper kitchen as opposed to a trailer.

I also might be favouring them slightly because there's actually somewhere to sit down, a roof and air conditioning.


Actually, looking just below there's the place in Westfield as well, which has nicer beans but I don't think their meat is quite as good.

May 24, 2010
BeanW14 in U.K./Ireland

Fish and Chips - the best?

The one thing London lacks is decent fish and chips. I grew up near Berwick-upon-Tweed, which is about as much of a provincial one-horse town as you can find. The one redeeming feature was the fact that you could get proper good fish and chips with fish fresh out the sea that morning.

It used to be Foulis in Tweedmouth but I think they got taken over a long long while ago and were never the same. The Cannon on Marygate (I think) was excellent though.

That said, I was an out of towner village boy, so a proper Berwicker might know better.

Jan 23, 2010
BeanW14 in U.K./Ireland

UK Michelin Stars 2010

Must say I'm pretty suprised to see the Harwood Arms in there. Pleasantly surprised though. Been there twice and the food has been excellent both times. There's also a sense that the staff are really enthusiastic about the food (maybe a bit too enthusiastic for some).

That said, the service was quite poor the last time I was there. Party of 10 for my birthday and we only got through two courses in three hours. Complained and only got an offer of free dessert on our next visit.

Also slightly surprised about Richard Corrigan. Not been to his new Mayfair place but at my last visit to Lindsay House the whole thing was pretty much faultless and it was probably the best restaurant experience I've had in London.

Jan 16, 2010
BeanW14 in U.K./Ireland