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Momofuku Chicken Wings

Here's a extremely fast, delicious chicken wing recipe that seems as if it would at least duplicate if not better the taste experience. Start with a couple dozen wings, render them, reserve the tips for other use.
Deep fry, your choice of fat, but duck is great. Drain on paper towels. Procure a jar of VH Dry Garlic Spare Rib Sauce- Forte. (this can be found on line) put chicken and sauce together in large fry pan, medium heat, stirring and basting frequently. When suace begins to thicken to med syrup consistency, you're done! Serve this with crackers or French bread chunks, people will be sopping up the sauce when the chicken is gone. My parents came across this sauce in Canada approx. 50 yrs. ago. It has taken on mythic status in our family and to every person that we've treated to this sauce. The easiest way to get the sauce is to take a trip to Canada and strip the shelves in whatever supermarket you can find it in. It is produced in Quebec, and is not imported into the states. I contacted the company directly and was told that they would not ship less than a skid(approx. 100 cases) My wife won't let me do it though I believe between family and friends all would be spoken for in a couple weeks. I'm still working on that. Usually, we pair the sauce with pork riblets-1in to 11/2 in pieces of rib bone with meat. Finger lickin' good! This is so intrinsic to our family that a case is welcomed as a Holiday or Birthday gift with profuse thanks.

Dec 22, 2009
dushote in Recipes

All inclusive Resorts with great food?

This may be too late for the benefit of "urbanegastrojedi" but it may be beneficial to others. For the last seven years my wife and I have spent two weeks on the greatest secret "foodie" island in the Caribbean. The island of Anguilla, BWI has quietly evolved into a real destination vacation site. First of all, there are pretty much only two things to do on Anguilla; 1) totally relax and avail oneself of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean. 2) eat,eat,eat. We never stay at resorts, preferring the freedom to roam about the island poking into every interesting road, cul-de-sac or beach seeking out "new" eateries. Renting a villa and car gives one the chance to truly explore on your own whim. But, we do avail ourselves of the amenities at the various resorts(restaurants, spas, watersports) The resorts of Cap Juluca, Cuisinart, Malliouhana and Viceroy boast excellent restaurants and beach activities. If you are a "resorter" these places are amazing-and expensive! The real secret of Anguilla is that scattered all about the island are more restaurants run by CIA graduates or French chefs than can be tried in a months visit. Some of the best and of course most enduring are "Veya", "Barrel Stay", "Koal Keel", "Blanchards", "Straw Hat", "Altamer" and "Hibernia". And the "native" establishments must be added into the mix; "E's Oven", "Smokeys", "Olivers" and "Palm Grove" as a very small sample. Twenty plus years ago we began to vacation in the Caribbean in the months of Feb/March. We began in St. Johns and we were happy with the beach/food mix. Then the invasion of whole families took the bloom off. Tried various BVIs, Grenada, St. Lucia, St Martin and finally, Anguilla. None of the other islands had the combination we were searching for; Decent villas, great restaurants, good purveyors of needed foods(want to cook some too)(have our own contact for fresh lobsters in Anguilla) and as few people as possible! The snorkeling isn't as great as some places but the scuba is very good. In restrospect, I hate to tell alot of people about the island, it will end up like St. Johns. But the only business is tourism, and the downturn in the economy has affected them greatly. I would hate for any of these terrific resorts and restaurants to have to close. And you can always take the various ferries to St. Martin or St. Barths for a day trip.