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Dining in Amed, Bali. - four restaurant reviews

Dining in Ahmed, Bali.

We stayed about 20 minutes – walking time- south of town, near Pazzo, so, well before Sails and “life in Ahmed”. Note: we prefer to eat local food & we speak some Indonesian.

The Grill - Recommend – ate there 2X - for folks who want/need to eat western food in a clean western atmosphere – Ozzie owner, cold beer, good music, good food (you can even get an Australian rib eye steak) – Owner seems a bit tired of the whole thing, but a pleasant experience none the less. Dinner for 6 w/ lots of beer, appetizers & one desert was about Rp 750.000 - Located a few minutes walk south of Pazzo

Warung Makan TriYoga - Highly Recommend - ate there 5X….if you wish to eat local food in a local restaurant – they have whole roast suckling pig about ½ of the time (photo). This place is big for breakfast (about Rp 14,000/plate) and a lot of locals get “take away” there. Located a few minutes walk north of Pazzo

Pazzo – Do Not Recommend – ate there once – poorly executed western food, but in a nice enough western atmosphere that would probably off-set the food quality for folks who are not “foodies”. .

Bali Beer N’ Grill – Recommend - ate there 3X - “cleaned up” Balinese food – the owner – who speaks very good English – will make the dishes “more authentic” upon request – best fish curry I had in Bali – the Bali-style tables (behind the restaurant) over look a rice paddie. Good choice for folks who want to try “Balinese type” food without all of the fire. Nervous folks can get fried chicken or grilled fish – not scary - Located a couple of minutes walk north from Pazzo. Full dinner for 6 w/ lots of drinks was about Rp 375,000.

Note, I've had several critical, but polite and accurate, restaurant reviews pulled by mods on CH and have moved most of my reviews over to TripAdvisor as a result- I posted these Amed reviews due to the dearth of Amed, Bali reviews posted by travelers, (and not tourists).

Trader Joe's Wine Recs?

All of the "2-buck-chuck" comes from Bronco wineries in the central valley...where they grow melons...NOT wine grapes...for a reason...high yield LOW quality...Bronco wineries makes all of that cheap production wine with names that sound like housing tracts: Quail Ridge, Fox Hollow, Salmon Creek.... Napa Landing....although NONE of their grapes are grown in Napa...that's just a winery name they bought...I will not get into the various lawsuits they've survived (see Wikipedia)...

I'm not saying this wine to be avoided, however, it IS low end quaffing wine...if you just want to get a bit hammered & are not too picky

Nov 14, 2010
global_eater in Wine

Best dumplings in Hualien, Taiwan - near Taroko gorge

For those that persue food minutia -

We looked for the best dumpling shop "bian shin" in Hualien. The dumplings here are large wontons, served in a fairly uninteresting pork, white pepper broth (better to highlight the dumplings I suppose) with points for silky texture for the dough and a balanced filling.

There are two recommend (by locals we spoke to) dumpling shops in Hualien. My wife & I both speak (barely) passable mandarin -

The standard is Tai Kee Won Ton, which has opened store(s)? in the USA but there is another shop just up the street from them. "Ye Xiang Won Ton" - 42 Sinyi Street, Hualien, Taiwan which we found better.

Ye Xiang Won Ton - pros - silkier texture on the wrappings & more filling in the dumplings & slightly larger servings. I also liked that they served with a porcelain spoon - as opposed to the plastic one at Tai Kee Won Ton - Cons - not a lick of English spoken, so have your language skills honed, also the restaurant is not as "fancy" as Tai Kee Won Ton.

Tai Kee Won Ton - pros - English friendly - cons - wontons not as silky & not as much filling - I didn't notice any appreciable difference in either the quality of the filling or broth in either place.

Both places served in cardboard bowls and appeared to have a similar amount of local's trade.

I'd recommend Ye Xiang Won Ton, but they are only a few blocks apart & if you are in town, you might as well have a bowl at each....I had 2 bowls at each place and was a very happy (and full) man

12 Bones Asheville - the President's choice

No, this was not a one-off dud. The food here is poor stick with Luella's

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

12 Bones Asheville - the President's choice

This is a poor BBQ restaurant by any standards in the south. Poorly executed BBQ and sides -

see my chow hound review under BBQ for a full review - I'm talked with a dozen pit masters & built numerous BBQ pits in perfecting my southern BBQ....which is better than most you can buy & I would never go back here

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Great Visit to Early Girl Eatery in Asheville

Love it, archetypal Asheville, funk restaurant. Good vegetarian & meat dishes. They typically put a twist on most dishes that (generally) work. Good service, nice "Asheville, funk " atmosphere low/medium price point

Recommend will go back - Good to bring out of town guests to

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Charlotte help this beer lover out!

Brewing for 30 years & have judged compitions. My IPA is better than 90% of what I can buy.

Asheville has 8 microbreweries and a zillion beers so I will be brief in my reviews

Highland brewery -

The beer is consistent, with good balance, good aroma & a medium polish - Solid IPA, porters, stouts, pale & "Highland" ales - They have a nice free music thing on Fridays with beer "tasting" really drinking

Wedge Brewery

solid - good IPAs, porters & pale - more in the unfiltered craft vein - sold around town a lot on draft - they show movies on Saturday night at the brewery w/ lots of beer - good scene.

Asheville Brewing company -

I like most of their beers but less consistent product than Highland (sometimes a bit green) - esp like the Shiva IPA, Ninja Porter & Houdini pale - unfiltered & most have a good nose. They make good pizza & show $3 movies which you can enjoy with a huge pitcher of IPA - good times

Green Man Brewing

hit or miss when they are good they are very,very good - good IPA, pales & porters - sometimes the beer is green (no pun) this often happens in small breweries who can not afford to hold the beer to maturity. They also contract brew for local restaurants - like Laughing Seed.

Lexington Avenue Brew Pub (LAB)

Avoid - It's like the beer I was making when I was 18. Confused flavours, occasional contamination, bad balance, bad/no nose, green - nuf said.

French Broad Brewery -

Similar to the beer crafted by Asheville Brewing, Good IPA & ESBs - they also have free music on the weekends.

These are the biggest players hope this helps

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Loving LAB (and Mr Suave!) - Asheville

Horrid, bad beer. bad food - read my LAB chowhound review. I'm foodie, ex-chef & I've been brewing for 30 years. Foodies will not eat there or anyone who appreciates good beer.

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Saigon Fast Food in Greenville, SC?

Pretty darn amazing -

I've traveled extensively in Laos, Vietnam (going again next year just to spend a week eating in the Mekong) and spent over a year in Thailand..and I cook Thai food - Well.

OK, so is it the best Vietnamese food I've ever had? No, not even close. Is it good Vietnamese food? - Yes - & I'd say some of the dishes are better than good . And the menu, damn, they can turn out (it seems) a hundred dishes from their small kitchen & they do a good job with ingredients you will not typically find in a small southern town like tendon & tripe.

Recommend & will go again

We drive there from Asheville - where there is no good Vietnamese or Asian noodles (the "Noodle Shop" - please, just shoot me - poor food & some kind of weird estrogen attitude).

There is one other Vietnamese place in Greenville (I don't recall the name) which is OK for Pho & Fresh rolls. but go to SFF for a better offering.

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

BBQ in Asheville. Recs needed for dinner

We have eaten at Luella's 4X and everything was good to excellent. Moist brisket with a nice rub (good cuts of meat) some of the best dry rubbed pork ribs I've ever had. All of the sides have been up to snuff with the exception of the 2nd time I order the collard greens which were a bit too sour for my taste (but not others). Oh yes, they also have great beers on tap & they appear to make is a policy to hire cute waitresses!

Not sure why they took Obama to 12 Bones. Probably made a better photo op. Their food is not ever close.‎ Dry brisket, charred ribs (although the chipotle sauce was excellent). Who ever was cooking the sides the day we went was missing on each count & they were either too sour, salty, or just unpleasant. A "bad Day" might have explained some of these problems, but not everything consistently bad on the same day - will not go back.

I build my own pit BBQs & have talked with dozens of pit masters in the process of perfecting my own Texas style BBQ, so I speak w/ a bit of expertise in this subject.

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Vinnie's in Asheville

Meh - Good food, but

Vinnie's is popular because of it's location in north Asheville where it is the only fine dining up there. The food is constantly good, yes it is, no complaints, service is good to excellent and the bar does a good job of mixing drinks. Vinnie's is the rebirth of the Savoy; who's chefs are now at the Admiral.

That said, it is expensive for what you get...mind you we dine out at either the Admiral, or Table or Reza's twice a week, so we don't really give a darn about price-point other than passing interest.

So I'd recommend you give it a try, if only to try a different place, but if your time is limited I'd try one of the few I mentioned above first.

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Lexington Avenue Brewery, Asheville

Horrid -

Sorry, the beer is very poor, some of it is green, some of it is confused and some of it has a bad yeast in it. I've tried four different kinds and I have been brewing excellent beer for 30 years.

We had a couple of fried items and it was so obvious that their excess greasiness was caused by too low a fryer temperature (I've been a chef) I walked back into in the kitchen and told them to raise the fryer temp by 50 degrees.

We had the small burger sliders, which were OK except that they said they had provolone cheese for the top which came out unmelted and was ground pizza topping cheese.

Will not go back or recommend

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Best burger in Asheville?

can heartily recommend Tupelo Honey's burger. They can prepare medium-rare and the quality of their meat is excellent and it is treated well. Not crazy about the sweet potato fries, but this was about the burger. I've heard that Table's is excellent but have not tired.

Tupelo Honey Cafe
12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast

Tingle (Asheville)

yes ate there a few days ago - had mac & cheese for an appetizer (wife insisted) - good. Wife had a catfish salad - good - good greens, dressing & the crispy fried catfish was a nice texture balance - I had the bacon wrapped meatloaf which was quite food also.

I'd say the cuisine was shooting for Tupleo Honey, with the Asheville funk atmosphere toned down a bit - will go back.

Aug 22, 2010
global_eater in Southeast