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Ushiwakamaru to reopen in Chelsea by Aug 7

Teach me your googling ways.

My searches are only turning up the old number (212) 228-4181 which is disconnected.

Aug 31, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Unique NYC bakeries


1. being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Aug 31, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Whole roasted chicken $5 today only at Whole Foods

Guilty as charged.

I was, however, comparing the taste of the chickens, not so much the distance of the stores from a specific person's apartment.

Aug 25, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Whole roasted chicken $5 today only at Whole Foods

I don't know where your apartment is.

For those of us who have access to both, the rotisserie chicken at Fairway is better.

Aug 24, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Whole roasted chicken $5 today only at Whole Foods

From where?

Aug 24, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Whole roasted chicken $5 today only at Whole Foods

FWIW, I find specifically the herb rotisserie chicken at Fairway to be far better. It's $8, though.

Aug 22, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Nakajima or Nakazawa?

Depends what you're looking for.

Nakajima is certainly more advanced/adventurous (and imo, far better) than Nakazawa.

While there are certainly exceptions, I've found a great deal of LA sushi to be on the less adventurous side - more white fish, less silver fish, milder tastes, etc.

Aug 22, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

La Grenouille vs Bouley

While not inventive, I find the food itself much better at La Grenouille.

Jul 07, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Less traditional sushi/omakase (like Gari)

I find the TriBeCa Gari to be better than the UES.

As mentioned, Seki is very similar.

Also, less expensive but same idea and good is Yasaka.

Jun 26, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Louro closing

Yea, I have to agree. I ate there three times. The first, everything was amazing. The second and third were solid, but not really memorable or special in any way.

Jun 04, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Degustation Review

Is Jewel Bako worth a trip? I'd kinda gotten the sense that it wasn't on the same level as other top sushi places in the city.

May 28, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Where's your favorite place to get your crêpe fix?

Yea, I wonder how he feels about that. He's definitely said things to me like, "don't put me on yelp! I don't want to work too much."

May 27, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Degustation Review

I returned to Degustation for the first time in years (I hadn't been since before Wesley left). I didn't really see any recent reviews on here, so here you go:

The space is the same, bar seating around the kitchen, not unlike Momofuku Ko, Atera, Chef's Table, etc.

The service was friendly and good, but there were a couple things that weren't perfect. For one, the pacing of the dishes seemed odd - they would bring out dishes as they were ready, so there were a few times where we had 2-3 dishes at once. Which is fine, but it made the meal feel a bit rushed.

The food was, overall, great. My wife and I opted to forgo the tasting menu so we could share a wider variety of dishes. We started with:

Good bread, good butter. The bread came piping hot. Nothing surprising about this, but exactly what we expected.

Pretty fantastic croquetas. Perfectly crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside - artichoke taste was subtle but present.

SCALLOP (Chestnut, Citron, Quince)
This was a crudo dish, very good fresh scallops. The sauce was really nice - citrus based, with candied orange chunks. I liked it. Wife loved it.

SALMON (Raisins, Capers, Pine Nuts, Riesling Froth)
This was a special replacement for the "WRECKFISH" the night we were there. Salmon was cooked perfectly, rare - nice combination of flavors. Certainly on the sweet side.

POACHED EGG (Lamb Belly, Smoked Maple, Chives)
This was the highlight of the night. They called it "green egg and lamb" when they put it down. Chunks of sweet maple-glazed lamb belly and chives with a runny poached egg on top. Absolutely amazing. A must order.

BOAR-B-Q (Wild boar ribs, "barbecued" Romesco)
A giant, fall-off-the-bone rib, with a thin layer of romesco and green olive slices on top. A nice twist on BBQ ribs.

FOIE GRAS (Cauliflower Ice Cream, Toasted Almonds, Nasturtium)
Another knockout dish. Perfectly seared foie gras, went really well with the cauliflower ice cream - which was also marvelous.

This is when things got a little strange. We were still hungry and asked if we could order more. When we asked about the duck, we were (politely) told that it would take 15 minutes to cook and they had other reservations. Now while I certainly appreciate their desire to keep reservation times, it wasn't like we'd been there a long time - our reservation was at 8:15 and we were paid and out the door by 9:45.

We did order a couple more dishes, which were less successful. I'm not sure if that's because they were rushed, or we just got luckier with our first order:

CRACKED POTATOES (Sheep's milk cheese, paddlefish caviar)
Not a bad dish, and the cheese was good with a sort of yogurt-consistency. But probably the least memorable dish of the night.

CRISP OCTOPUS (red curry, charred cucumber, shiso)
The octopus itself was slightly salty (and I love salt) but I believe it was deep fried, which was absolutely delicious. Crispy on the outside and not too chewy on the inside. Not as tender as, say, 15 East's, but really enjoyable. The rest of the dish was a bit odd - circles of cucumber and curry.

One of the only holdouts from when Wesley was there, deliciously rich bruleed french toast. Still a great dessert.

Best lobster roll in the city?

I like Pearl's and Mary's a lot - but they're a very different style of lobster roll from Red Hook and Luke's.

May 27, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Where's your favorite place to get your crêpe fix?

Crepes Canaveral is the best I've found in the city.

May 27, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Best lobster roll in the city?

Red Hook is good (Connecticut style is my favorite) but I prefer Luke's.

May 27, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Midtown west/UWS Sushi

Jado is great.

Are we extending Midtown West/UWS as far as 115th Street?

In that area, I'd say Shimizu for traditional, Gari for innovative.

Zen (traditional) and Yasaka (innovative) are solid as well.

May 22, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

New York - Best Michelin 3 Star

My order:

1. Eleven Madison Park
2. Per Se
3. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare
4. Jean Georges
5. Le Bernardin

Masa (never been)
Daniel (never been)

May 07, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Omakase in NYC (+/- $100 pp)

Masa told me his last day was June 30th, so I think that's right.

May 05, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

any old new yorkers out there, Yorkville in the 1970's?

Any recommendations for specific things at Glazers?

It looks and smells great, so much so that I keep buying things there and being disappointed.

May 04, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Omakase in NYC (+/- $100 pp)

I've had omakase at every place on your list except for Kanoyama, Jewel Bako, Neta, I don't recall ever paying $100/person. More like $150-$250.

I'd agree with sockster - go to Dojo, at the bar. Great in its own right, but even more so at your price point. Tell them what you want to spend and that you want a mixture of cooked dishes and sushi and let them take care of you.

Apr 30, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Urasawa Questions

Thanks for all the help.

Incidentally, I called before I asked these questions and they offered the table but said the bar was full.

Not sure why I thought they served lunch.

Apr 02, 2015
lexismore in Los Angeles Area

Urasawa Questions

I'm being treated to a meal at Urasawa if I can make the reservation. I've never been, so I had a couple questions. I've searched and can't seem to find these answered, so apologies if I missed it.

-Is there any difference between lunch and dinner?

-Is the meal different at the sushi bar vs a table? (General speaking, I always prefer the bar for sushi, but my understanding is this is kaiseki, and the bar seems to be a harder reservation to get).

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Apr 02, 2015
lexismore in Los Angeles Area

Big Apple BBQ jumps the shark

I just looked at the site.

$275 for BBQ for ONE person? Yea, I've been going to this since it was essentially a street fair in front of Blue Smoke. Looks like last year was my last year.

Mar 11, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Yasuda v 15 East v Ichimura

Actually, I'm with you - I like sashimi but prefer sushi.

Like foodwhisperer says, you don't need a menu. Just say you'd like Masa to pick sushi for you.

If you're still hungry when he's done, he'll gladly give you more.

Feb 13, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

Yasuda v 15 East v Ichimura

Yea, if you liked Ichimura but prefer less strong flavors, I think you'll really enjoy 15 East.

Make sure you reserve at the bar with Masa.

If you communicate that you want him to pick for you, and ask for sushi (or sushi/sashimi) and a few cooked dishes you'll have a great time.

Feb 11, 2015
lexismore in Manhattan

doughnut plant vs dough

The Tres Leche and Creme Brulee doughnuts from doughnut plant are better than anything else I've had from either place.

Dec 17, 2014
lexismore in Manhattan

2014 Omakase Odyssey

Masa used to serve lunch Tuesday-Friday.

He now only serves lunch on Fridays.

Dec 17, 2014
lexismore in Manhattan

2014 Omakase Odyssey

I did the omakase at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya last week. I was at the sushi bar.

While the food was good, they served it platter style, not piece by piece.

Also, the omakase was mostly sashimi, very little sushi. My request to have more/only nigiri was (politely) declined.

And the roll was spicy lobster.

Take from that what you will.

Dec 16, 2014
lexismore in Manhattan

American Cut -- My new favorite steakhouse!

Went here last night. Not a bad experience, but not top tier for me.

Arrived a few minutes late (less than 10) for a reservation, we ended up having to wait at the bar for 45 minutes for a table. They came by and apologized after 30 minutes - the table before us was taking a long time to leave. Not the restaurant's fault certainly, but still not great. Otherwise, service was good and attentive throughout the meal.

The food, overall good but very few standouts. There were four of us and we shared everything so I was able to try a good number of dishes.


This was the standard bread service - very good. Warm flaky biscuits with vegetable cream cheese spread.


This was unusual for a shrimp cocktail. It came in a bowl and the shrimp were covered in a hot, sweetish sauce, so you couldn't see the the shrimp really. It wasn't bad, but not special.

Two thick cut slices of bacon. This was good - but again, covered in a sweetish sauce when it arrived. Definitely enjoy Luger's version better.

This was a bowl of a thin orange soup-like chili sauce with chunks of lobster tail and thick wedges of buttery Texas toast. The bread was great. Overall the dish was ok, but not memorable.

This was hands down the best appetizer we had. Great version of steak tartare.


This is the 20oz pastrami bone-in ribeye. Best dish of the night. Perfectly cooked, with a smoky, pepperiness to it. I know some posters mentioned it was too salty. Maybe we just got lucky, but this was perfectly seasoned.

This was a special, finished table side. Honestly, for the price ($150) I would have liked a lot more of that aged "funk." It was a big, good steak, and the presentation was impressive. But the flavor just wasn't.


These were great - a mini stack of potato pancakes layered with crispy chicken skin, sour cream and apple. One of my favorite sides at a steakhouse ever.

Big, dry potato wedges. Probably the weakest dish of the night.


To be fair, I'm not a huge dessert person - but if something is amazing, I'll gladly devour it. None of these hit anywhere near the amazing category for me, or anyone else at the table. We tried:


Dec 11, 2014
lexismore in Manhattan