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Mediterranean Cafe on the Westside?

I absolutely love Mediterranean Cafe out on Pasadena, but I live on the westside. Any recommendations for a similar place on this side of town?

Aug 15, 2012
hilarly in Los Angeles Area

Best sushi in San Diego

My favorite so far has been Zen 5 Sushi in PB. Anyone else tried it?

Dec 20, 2009
hilarly in San Diego

Best Soup (PHO) in San Diego

The owner of Pho Hoa Hiep is actually good friends with my dad, but I say this with no bias--theirs is one of the best pho I've ever had!

Unfortunately, the Mira Mesa Blvd location is no longer there. They've moved to National City. But the Linda Vista location is still around.

My other favorites are Pho Ca Dao on Mira Mesa Blvd and Pho Cow Cali (once known as Pho Hoacali) on Black Mountain.

Keep in mind that pho is a lunchtime food, so the freshest pho is served then. By dinner, the broth has been simmering all day and may not taste as good. I remember going to Pho Hoa Hiep one day because I was in the Linda Vista area and being sorely disappointed.

Dec 20, 2009
hilarly in San Diego