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Solo San Sebastian

Of the below restaurants (usual suspects), would any be awkward for a solo diner? I have no problem dining alone, but have had one or two meals where the restaurant didn't know what to do with me. Most likely a Saturday night.

Arzak, Mugaritz, Martín Berasategui, Kokotxa or Akelarre

May 05, 2015
hobbes404 in Spain/Portugal

Downtown -- Dinner Options near Dallas St betw Travis and Main

Bangkok Chef - address is pulling up 914 Main, but it's actually on the corner of Travis and Walker
Bombay Pizza - Also showing 914 Main - the street entrance is off Main just past McKinney.

Bangkok Chef
6560 Greatwood Pkwy Ste 100, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Oct 17, 2010
hobbes404 in Houston

Restaurants near the Alley Theatre

Samba Grille is new - haven't been there, but am intrigued by the reviews.
Voice @ Hotel Icon - bar specials: http://www.hotelicon.com/voice-restau...
BB's Cafe, Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill
1111 Prairie St, Houston, TX 77002

Sep 12, 2010
hobbes404 in Houston

Has anyone eaten at Los Cucos in Plano?

I've been twice. I got the same meal both times - Los Cucos tacos. It's going on my lunch rotation. They're constantly refilling chips, salsa and drinks. Someone I went with got the fried avocado and it was too rich for lunch when you have to return to the office afterwards. As a point of reference, my preferred Plano tex-mex options are Gloria's and Posados. I only go to Mi Cocina when someone else is buying.

Nov 30, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

7 nights/xmas week

I'll be arriving Christmas Day.

Here's what I've found is open:

Open Christmas Day
5 Fifty 5
La Cote Brasserie
New Orleans Grill
Café Adelaide
Rib Room
Tujague's Restaurant
La Louisiane
Bistro @ Maison de Ville

Reveillon Christmas Day
Bombay Club
Paillard's Restaurant
Ristorante Carmelo

Open Table - available w/in 2 hours of 4PM
La Cote Brasserie
Ruth's Chris
Wolfe's in the Warehouse

Open last year, assume there'll be an updated list this year
7 on Fulton
Besh Steakhouse
Chateau Sonesta Hotel Dining Room
Crystal Room
Hotel Inter-Continental
Maple Cafe
Maple Street Cafe
Monteleone Hotel Le Cafe
Radisson Hotel

I haven't decided on a place yet, am leaning towards not spending lots of money on this meal given that restaurant staff can't be too excited about working on Christmas.

Nov 23, 2008
hobbes404 in New Orleans

Recs on Pizza places in Denton/Lewisville area.

Alfredo's is my favorite place in Lewisville. They know my order when I walk in the door. Luigi's was good, but it's closed and is now a vegetarian place. My fallback pizza is Vinnie's at the NW corner of Business 121 and 35. It's kind of hidden in a deserted strip mall.

Oct 23, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

Maybe I need to qualify. I think Papa John's is bad. I grew up in NJ, so I don't even consider it pizza. Not bad in my book means that Brooklyn's is the best option close to work, but not somewhere I'd go out of my way to go to. And Goodfella's is not bad in that until Campania and Cavalli they were one of the better options around. I find Joe's on Parker to be lacking in any flavor. However, I may have to return to check out the rich doctors.

Oct 09, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

Goodfellas isn't bad. Alfredo's where? There's one in Lewisville that I really like @ 121 and Corporate. Brooklyn's isn't bad at Hedgecoxe & Ohio. And I think they're building a new one on Park. There's a place that just opened about a month ago at Preston & Tennyson called Ferrari's where on my 1st visit I had 2 slices that I thought were the best in the area. On the 2nd visit, they were having cash register issues and left the slices in the oven a little too long. 2 slices and a soda for $5 is one of the better deals in the area for lunch. I sometimes visit Marco's too when I'm craving the sauce/thin crust combo.

Oct 08, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Christmas in New Orleans

Thanks. I think I ran across those sites looking for Papa Noel rates, but they didn't have menus posted yet.

I was planning on Galatoire's, Maximo's, somewhere for Christmas Day, and breakfast/brunch before the Saints game Sunday. After looking at some of those menus, I may have to drop Maximo's for one of them.

Oct 04, 2008
hobbes404 in New Orleans

Christmas in New Orleans

I'm looking for the same thing. Open Table has Luke, Shula's Steak House, New Orleans Grill and Wolfe's in the Warehouse with availability. I'll probably check back in a few weeks to see what else opens up. Some restaurants only have reservations a month or 2 in advance.

Sep 28, 2008
hobbes404 in New Orleans

Plano lunch

It's probably about 20 minutes from the Shops @ Legacy to Poor Richard's.

Some closer options would be Olea, Breadwinners, or Main Street Bread Baking Company with that being my order of preference. Olea & Breadwinners are about 5-10 minutes from Legacy. Main Street is in the Shops @ Legacy.


Sep 20, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

There's also a St. Louis style place in Lewisville/North Coppell:

I didn't personally like the pizza, but it was because of the provel cheese. It might be what you're looking for however.

Sep 19, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW Chow Friendly Football (incl. live opening of National Sports Lounge review)

I'll second Fox. Definitely above par food for a sports bar.

And of all of the chain sports bars, I like Champp's food the best. Looks like they have a build your own omelet bar and bottomless mimosas/bloody marys on Sundays.

Sep 08, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Flower Mound (& Nearby) Casual Dining Favorites?

Rodarte & Vivero's - I've been twice and didn't care for it, but I only had appetizers.

Aug 01, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Flower Mound (& Nearby) Casual Dining Favorites?

Comfort food - Ms. Mary's Southern Cuisine.

Mexican - I didn't care for Agave Azul the last time I went, but it used to be a favorite. Taqueria Guadelajara is good, but more hole in the wall than casual dining.

Burgers - G's Burger Den, again hole in the wall. I've always gotten my burger to go there.

Pizza/Pasta - Alfredo's total neighborhood place. And I prefer Campania to Fireside Pies. Campania's pizza is more delicate. I think Fireside toppings are too overpowering.

Jul 31, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Absolute best burger in Texas?

Stopped at G's today for lunch (12:30). They were taking phone orders - asked me if I had called in my order. Probably about 20 minutes total to get in and out with my bacon cheeseburger and fries and there was a line backing up behind me, but a phone in order of 8 meals was being prepared when I got there. There's a sign that says refills are 50 cents, not sure if they enforce it though. This was my second visit, and it's by far the best burger in the area. The fry seasoning was a little heavy, I'll probably try onion rings next time.

Jun 13, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

Best Breakfast in Dallas?

Ham & Eggs is off of 3040. Little Gus Cafe in Plano @ Legacy & Coit. Or Local Diner in Coppell.

May 11, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Lunch Salads

I don't pay attention to nutritional content, but I assume salads with a light dressing are healthier, so based on that assumption, I'd suggest the following:

It sounds like you're good with asian food/middle eastern, so Mango Thai has a larb gai and a Thai chicken salad and Zorba's has a Greek salad.

Mar 14, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

In search of restaurant with party room!

Zea Woodfire Grill, Olea, I have a vague sense of a separate room at La Madeline, Saltgrass, Yao Fuzi has a small room.

Mar 12, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

NYC style Deli

I haven't been here, and it's not a deli, but the review claims they make their corned beef in house. I'll probably check it out one Friday in the next couple of weeks. I've decided to start trying all of the places in Old Town.

Easy Street Family Cafe - 190 W Main St Ste 108

Mar 11, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

DFW visitor-advice for fellow CH?

Near SAS - Abacus (New American, Dinner only), La Duni (Latin, brunch is good, so are desserts and drinks), Taverna (Italian).

Although unless you're specifically looking to go to North Park Mall, there are 2 SAS Factory Outlets closer to Westlake. The Central Pkwy location is 25 miles from Westlake. There's one in Hurst 10 miles from Westlake - 1493 W Pipeline Rd. I don't know restaurants around there.

Mar 04, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

Coppell - Farmers Branch - Old Carrolton

I used to work in that area. Rocky's on MacArthur - only for the pizza. Siena Beltline @ MacArthur pizza and other Italian food, a little more casual than Amici. As for barbecue, I'm not an expert. When I went out with coworkers, it was to Marshall's Vally View & Josey.

Feb 25, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

dining with children in DFW

I'll have to move it up on my list of places to try. I just threw it out there because as kids my sister and I loved fondue night and I thought it would be cheaper/more kid friendly than The Melting Pot.

Feb 20, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

dining with children in DFW

Bavarian Grill.

I haven't been, but I'd try Mister Shabu Shabu.

Feb 18, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

Madrid/Granada Advice

Thanks. I'll definitely head to Arce, everything else will go on my to be considered list. And I'll look for a hotel/hostal located near Plaza Nueva in Granada.

Jan 27, 2008
hobbes404 in Spain/Portugal

Lewisville lunch

Alfredo's corner of Corporate & Business 121

I prefer Baan Thai over Sweet Basil, Round Grove @ Deer Run.
I second the Kalbee House recommendation
For chinese, it's probably too far away for lunch - Chopstix Round Grove @ Valley Pkwy

An alternative to Jimmy John's - Bronx St in strip fronting Hebron of the Target parking lot

Taqueria Guadalajara Fox @ 35

Breakfast for lunch:
Ham & Eggs - Round Grove past 121

I can't think of a place I go to get one in Lewisville, googled "lewisville burger" because that didn't seem possible, but apparently I don't eat burgers here. I'd try the Old Town Flying Pig on Main east of 35 and G's Burger Den, because I keep meaning to stop at a place that sells catfish, burgers and funnel cake - NW corner of Corporate & 35

Jan 23, 2008
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Madrid/Granada Advice

I'll be travelling solo in early May - Madrid for 5 days (maybe a side trip to a city to be determined), Granada for one.

I'll be staying in the touristy area of both Granada and Madrid. What I'm looking for are a tapas bar in Granada, 1 high end restaurant ($100-150 without wine) in Madid where I won't feel awkward dining solo, and suckling pig (this is where a side trip could come in - seems like Segovia may be the place to go), I can fill in the rest of my meals by combing the board.

Also, are there sports bars or the equivalent? I'll be in Madrid the day of the Madrid Barcelona match up and would be interested in watching the game somewhere.

Jan 21, 2008
hobbes404 in Spain/Portugal

Grimaldi's - Dallas

I tried it the other day. I had a calzone and it wasn't what I'd hoped for. The crust had the right consistency, which is rare in DFW, most places don't seem to differentiate between a stromboli and a calzone, but the filling was too creamy and the sauce was just OK. If I'm in the area, I'll probably stop in to try the pizza given the success of the crust, but I won't go out of my way given the flavor of the sauce.

Jan 13, 2008
hobbes404 in Texas

Thanksgiving in Bergen County

I'm from out of state, so I haven't been to any of these places and I'm not 100% on the locations. I was looking for places to have Thanksgiving dinner in Bergen County also. Turns out my research was unnecessary, but here were the places I found:

Harvest Bistro in Closter, I probably wouldn't take kids there:

Assembly Steak House in Englewood Cliffs - this was a contender:

Via Brera in Nutley (not sure if that's Bergen County) - we're Italian, so it was appealing:

Legal Sea Foods in Paramus:

Ruthie Maes in Englewood - will probably still check this place out while I'm there:

Peking Duck House in Closter - saw some posts that people had gone here and gotten turkey in the past on eGullet, would have considered it as a Christmas Story type dinner:

West Plano - casual lunch spots

Tried it once - got tacos, saw them take the tortillas out of the bag, so not too impressed, but I didn't experience any mold. Pork was decent, beef only so-so.

My new find which is a little outside of my original posted perimeter at Frankford and Preston is Sam's Burger House. Burger had just the right amount of grease and seasoning on fries was well balanced.

I went to Myoshi when I first started working in the area. The prices were a little high. And liked Prego's sauce the first time I went, not so much the second. I'm partial to Brooklyn's right now.

Nov 06, 2007
hobbes404 in Dallas - Fort Worth