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Reports on West Side Lounge , City Table in the Lenox, and Boston Chops?

Had a very nice dinner @ Boston Chops. Good service & a very lively atmosphere,not to mention, most important, a very tasty steak.

North End restaurant for 8 people group

L'Osteria is reasonably priced & accommodating to larger parties. Limoncello is ok too.

Special meal w/ Open Table gift card

La Voile or Deuxave?

Gaslight560 - anyone been here? Review/comments?

Don't know where all the hate is coming from. I've had very good meals that were reasonably priced on numerous occasions. The one time that a steak was overdone,they were apologetic and comped the dinner. Free parking is the cherry on top. I do concede that it can be loud depending on where you are sitting (the corner near the kitchen is quieter), but it's not as loud as its sister restaurant Cinquacento, also on Harrison.

Dinner recommendations near Wellesley College

Go to Sweet Basil in Needham--sister restaurant of Juniper but more reasonably priced & BYOB. Also, Spiga Italian restaurant technically in Newton but right on Needham border. The Local on Forest in Wellesley is more casual but decent. Capt. Mardens plain & simple, but a good value and also BYOB.

defunct restaurant

I think you mean Cappucino's. Food was ok but service & attitude of management was indifferent at best.

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

Antonio's on Cambridge is ok italian & fairly priced.

Best North End Restaurant for Family


Besito (Chestnut Hill)

Went to Chestnut Hill last week & have been to Burlington once as well. Joints look nice & servers were pleasant & competent at both destinations. Prices, however, are way higher than they should be for serving size & quality. Shrimp tacos were tiny. More substance to chicken quesadillas, but still too pricey. Margaritas ok; chips are ok but salsa needs more kick.

best bolognese in boston area?

Had a hearty bolognese @ Sweet Basil in Needham.

Fun 40th birthday dinner in Boston

Gaslight & Brasserie Jo have varied menus & good value.

Anything good in Dedham???

Lunch/Sunday nite buffet @ Bamboo in Holiday Inn Rt. 1 is tasty & bartender is very good. Village Manor on Sprague St. is decent comfort food @ a fair price. Isabella's is the real restaurant in town. Kouzina (?) Greek restaurant hole in the wall in Dedham Center is tasty & a good value, but seating is tight. Lots of places in town rate merely an "ok" (which is better than "must avoid"): Brickhouse Cafe on Bridge St., Halfway Cafe on Washington St. & Yard House in Legacy Place [too pricy for what it is].

Abe & Louie's or Grill 23

Grill 23. Can't go wrong with Boston Chops or Moo either.

Los Angeles Couple Taking Daughter to BU Needs French or Italian Recomendation

Gaslight (French) & Cinquacente (Ital.), both on Harrison Ave.; Brasserie Jo on Huntington, L'Osteria (North End.

Quick: birthday dinner venue in/near Newton where people can talk?

Fiorella's [reasonably priced Italian], Dunn Gahrin's [American/Irish]

495 Recs - Hopkinton, Franklin, Medfield Area

Basil's on Frairy St. in Medfield is a very nice Italian restaurant in a residential neighborhood.

Which Italian Restaurant for Sat. Nite?

I was looking Midtown East & the prices & reviews from various websites were overall pretty good. I'm open to suggestions.

Jul 17, 2014
carneyvore in Manhattan

Which Italian Restaurant for Sat. Nite?

Visiting son & meeting old school pal (5 of us in all) in Midtown East for Italian dinner. Any insights on these 4 options: DaNoi (E. 49th), Pescatore(2d Ave), Fiorini (E.56th) Morso (E. 59th)?

Jul 17, 2014
carneyvore in Manhattan

Recommendations For Casual Seafood Dining Near Boston

Capt. Mardens in Wellesley. BYOB. Fresh fish (attached to fish store), nothing fancy.

Restaurant recs for Dennisport, Yarmouth & Harwich?

Had enjoyable dinners @ Chapin's [best of the bunch], Skipper's & Skippy's Pier 1 (lobstuh). Even Kreme & Kone was tasty, tho' cholesterol took a holiday. Lunches @ Black Cat Shack, Red Face Jack's & a nice place on the harbor in P-town whose name escapes me. Breakfast Room for omelets Sun a.m. rounded out the weekend. Thanks for the input!

West Roxbury

Both Masona Grill & Sofia's steakhouse are good restaurants. Inexpensive, but interesting, is the Himalayan Bistro on Centre St.

Restaurant recs for Dennisport, Yarmouth & Harwich?

Family vacation in Dennisport middle of next month. We've been there over the years, but always looking for recs. Thoughts on Yarmouth House, Red Face Jack's Pub, The Oyster Co., Skipper, Black Sheep Bah & Grill? Anywhere else we should go? Definitely want 1 good lobstuh dinnah.

Grills in Burlington

Grills just want to have fun. Eager to see if the community can get behind non-chain restaurants.

SoCal hound requesting help during stay in Weston

Bullfinch's & Prime 131 in Sudbury.

Celebrating Spouse's Significant Birthday in Metro West with Italian Dinner

Thanks to the responders to date. I'm a fan of Spiga, Sweet Basil & Fiorella's. Don't understand the Chow love for Il Casale which I thought was a poor value (scanty portion, healthy price, ok, but affected service). I liked Il Capriccio, but I've heard it's inconsistent, which also is the word on La Morra. Haven't been to La Campania, but the prices seem exorbitant--it's Waltham, not Siena, FGS.

Anyone have anything good to say about Biagio's in Waltham? Keep the recs coming. Thanks!

Celebrating Spouse's Significant Birthday in Metro West with Italian Dinner

What is your favorite suburban Italian restaurant that is within 1/2 hour of Needham for this Sat. nite 5/10 for party of 2? Don't want to go into Boston, but open to MetroWest or near Southern suburbs.

El Centro: Awful. Boston, terrible food city.

Obviously playing the provocateur. I would agree, however, that El Centro is not a good dining experience based on my meal there. Although Boston has much to recommend in the way of restaurants, I do place it behind both Chicago & New York as a restaurant town.

Best Italian Restaurant in North End

I've always had success @ L'Osteria on Salem St. Limoncello is ok too as is Artu on Prince St. Enjoyed Euno as well, but others disagree.

Soliciting Input on 60th B-day dinner

Thoughts re; Tempo & Il Capriccio in Waltham & Vecchia Roma in Newton? Have been to Il Capriccio which I remember enjoying but not finding as exceptional as folks say. Worried about noise level & value @ Tempo & don't know whether Vecchia Roma is a hidden gem or an open disaster.

Best Steak House in Boston

Abe & Louis & Grill 23 are the tops for steaks & martinis. Mooo, Capital Grill & Boston Chops are good. Smith & Wollensky & Ruth's Chris, not so much. Can't speak to Morton's.