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Help! Need orange cake recipe from the Moosewood Book of Desserts

Thanks so much, that's the one!

Sep 10, 2010
Cisforcookie in Home Cooking

Help! Need orange cake recipe from the Moosewood Book of Desserts

That sounds good...but not it. This was a layer cake with an orange buttercream frosting.

Sep 09, 2010
Cisforcookie in Home Cooking

Help! Need orange cake recipe from the Moosewood Book of Desserts

We just moved, and most of our cookbooks are still packed up in storage. My husband's birthday is Saturday and he would really like the orange layer cake from the Moosewood Book of Desserts. Could someone post the ingredient list for me? And the cooking temp/time would be good, too. I have made this cake often so could do it from the ingredient list -- I just need the amounts.

If anyone is looking for a great orange cake, I can't recommend this one highly enough. In fact, the only cake anyone in my family asks for any more is this one. I am pretty sure that's because it is such a great cake (and not because my other cake attempts have been not-so-great!)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sep 09, 2010
Cisforcookie in Home Cooking

Need Italian food/catering for a bridal shower - suggestions?

I'm planning a bridal shower for about 30 people and am looking for an Italian restaurant or catering service that would be able to provide brunch/lunch food. Any suggestions? The shower will be in Brookline so someplace fairly close to there would be best but I'll be coming from the north so I could stop in the North End to pick up food if I needed to.


ISO measured pour spout

I am looking for some pour spouts as a stocking stuffer. I found some online but would like to buy locally so I don't have to spend a fortune on shipping. Here's a link to the ones I like:
Basically, the spouts attach to a bottle and allow you to pour a measured amount -- tablespoon, teaspoon, or ounce.

Anyone seen anything like this in a store, preferably close to Cambridge?


Fried clams and other recs in Centerville or nearby?

We're heading to Centerville this week and wondering where to go for fried clams mid-Capish. We don't want to drive too far (have a toddler). Any other recs in the area are welcome, too. We're staying around the corner from Four Seas so we'll be there a lot!


Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

If you just want to grab a quick bite, go to the Public Market and try to get some sciaciatta. Their pizza is good, too. My Italian grandmother was a regular shopper there. The olives are also fabulous and probably a third of the price of what you'll pay at Whole Foods (along with everything else).

Madina Market kitchen - for book club??

We're reading Three Cups of Tea for book club and were thinking of dinner at Madina Market Kitchen in Allston for our meeting. Can anyone enlighten me on what the atmosphere is like there? We don't need anything super fancy, but would appreciate a place where we can sit and chat and need a table that will accommodate 7 people.

Any info appreciated. Thanks!

Good place to buy panettone?

Anyone know a good place to buy panettone for Christmas? Preferably close to Cambridge/Arlington area, but I'd also like to know where the "best" in the area is.

I'm looking for a smallish one (for 3-4 people), if that makes any difference.



ISO Restaurant Recs for Narragansett, RI

We'll be vacationing in Narragansett, Rhode Island, next week and wondering about good restaurants in the area. Any recommendations? I'm searching for two types in particular:
-- a place that could accomodate a large group (10+ people with 3 young children)
-- a place for a romantic evening out, not over the top pricey though
We like all kinds of food so are open to anything.

Also would love to know a good ice cream place.