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Best sushi in Brooklyn

I agree with most of that, but will note that Geido is still the best *family friendly* Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, both for selection and attitude. Best overall Japanese (sushi and otherwise) I would say goes to Gen. The service can be slow, but everything is fresh and they do fantastic specials that I've never had outside of Japan, like pork curry and Japanese-style ramen.

331 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Jan 25, 2011
pantoniades in Outer Boroughs

any high quality sushi in brooklyn/queens??

Gen in Prospect Heights is fantastic. I would also disagree with the quality statement about Geido in Park Slope. Geido also has the benefit of being very family-friendly and very Japanese - they generally have a fair amount of interesting off-the-menu items if you ask.

659 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Sep 02, 2010
pantoniades in Outer Boroughs

Business Dinner in Brooklyn Heights?


I am looking to take out-of-town foodies (from SF and Boston) out for a business dinner, and they are Brooklyn-curious. I'm thinking the Heights as it's still close to manhattan, beautiful to walk around, and I can take them to the promenade as well.

Any recommendations for a business dinner to rival manhattan?


Sep 02, 2010
pantoniades in Outer Boroughs

Updated info sought: Best Poutine in Montreal?

Thanks to you and everyone who responded! We actually wound up at La Banquise last night - packed with a line while about every other restaurant we passed in Plateau was empty.

I didn't know what to expect for "squeaky" cheese, but it was not particularly different from say a string cheese... perhaps we are merely uninitiated. Clearly more poutine research is in order.

thanks again!

Updated info sought: Best Poutine in Montreal?


My wife and I are in for the weekend, and after a good meal at the Greasy Spoon and an amazing meal at the Liverpool House, we are ready to tackle the simple-yet-passionate complexity of Poutine.

I've done my homework (largely here and at the bizarre fansites that serve the gods of poutine), and we are looking for the straight-ahead variety. No foie gras poutine, no five meat poutine, no vegan poutine.

Metro-accessible is important, 24h is not.

Can any of our native aficionados weigh in on the state of Poutine in 2010? Are La Banquise and Mme Bolduc still the staples (and what do you order at the former)? Are there new or overlooked standards?

top 3 restaurants iin williamsburg?

I don't live in the area anymore, but I'd agree on Dumont (hope it's still there!).

M Shanghai is my favorite in the area, and not just because they have the best dumplings I've tasted in NYC.

SEA is very good, esp. their tofu dishes. I only go there for lunch b/c I can't handle the crowds they get for dinner.

Jan 19, 2010
pantoniades in Outer Boroughs

Graziella's in Fort Greene

If you like pizza or are going out with the kids, Graziella's is definitely in my top 5 recommendations in all NYC - certainly best in Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill.

I live nearby, and go there often, and the staff and food are consistently fantastic. Obviously the brick oven pizza, but also the appetizers (great fried calamari and grilled octopus), pastas and fish dishes. Does not hurt that they always keep a couple local beers (six point, brooklyn, or kelso) on tap.

232 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Dec 17, 2009
pantoniades in Outer Boroughs