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Breakfast Near Back Bay Station

Well this rec will be too late but I used to love the brunch at Firefly's

Help me find this foodie game!

I purchased Foodie Fight with such great anticipation - yay a food game that I can learn from! However if you are even remotely interested in food, i.e. read the Wednesday NYT or these boards etc., you'll find the questions too easy. Also we went through about 4-6 games and pretty much tapped out the deck.

Aug 23, 2008
sugarmonster in Not About Food

Alton Brown's mac and cheese

Love this mac and cheese, both the stovetop and regular baked versions. You could refrigerate it and then reheat in the microwave, but Alton also suggests cutting the cold mac into squares and then pan frying them - so good.

Hope this helps.

Aug 12, 2008
sugarmonster in Home Cooking

What's all the fuss about Jose's in Cambridge?

Went last night and waited 40 minutes after my original 8:30 reservation with almost 20 other people who had waited even longer than me (an hour plus). When we were finally seated it was 50 minutes from when we ordered our food to when it arrived at our table - the couple who was seated 15 minutes after us were getting their doggie bags when our plates arrived. After all this we got our food to go and got out of there!

Everyone raves about this "hidden jewel" but when I finally ate my chile relleno it wasn't even close to the best I'd had - next time I'll just go to Ole...

Vegan in Boston

Went to Little Q in Dec. and loved it - so many options and the spicy broth was just hot enough - just mind that you don't spill broth on your shirt.

Vegan in Boston

Though I'm not vegan, I've found that most higher end places jump at the opportunity and the challenge to craft a vegan tasting menu. When in doubt ask.

Cheese shops in (or around) Salem

A friend is looking for a good cheese and speciality goods store near Salem - we both work in Harvard Sq. so I pointed her to Formaggio instead - however are there any that you would recommend?

Romantic Weekday Lunch?

L'Espalier in Boston, perhaps Sandrines in Harvard Square? Pour moi French food = romance

Best Birthday Cake?

I'd also recommend Party Favors in Brookline

Party Favors
1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

OM Restaurant

I say no no to their momo's! Who wants a big bite of raw pork and then to fight over how "done" it was with the host. On Valentine's day no less. Terribly rude and pretentious waitstaff - I would not recommend.

Thanksgiving Restaurants

Upstairs on the Square is doing a Thanksgiving prix fixe menu - I've never been there on a holiday but their food is consistently good.

Four thumbs up for West Side Lounge

It's funny that you posted this today since it was on my mind to write about it. I've been a big fan of WSL - great drinks and meals at a decent price (they need to seriously work on dessert though). However recently whenever I've gone there or walked by (today included) it's been dead, and I mean almost completely vacant, and I wonder what they're doing wrong...

South Shore Anniversary Dinner

Have you been to Tosca in Hingham, the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset or the Sun Tavern in Duxbury? All have been good in the past...

Apple Picking?

My fiance and I just went to Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA last Friday and it was wonderful. We'd been once before on a Saturday in mid-October a few years ago and were battling the weekend crowds - plus the apples were slim pickings (ha!). But if you go now and during the week you'll enjoy the orchard much more - school groups tend to leave around noon - so it's nice and quite and in a way it was almost too easy (we filled our bag with apples and pears within minutes).

Oleana - in a word wonderful

I have always heard amazing things about Oleana but had never had the chance to go - until this past Friday night. We sat outside on the heated patio enjoying the last of the warm weather, but had a hard time reading our menus and the entire patio gave a universal "Ahhhh" when they turned the lights up. Began with the bean and walnut pate - a great pret a manger and then on to the carrot soup, which was poured over the goat cheese fritter "a la minute". We then had a mid course of the toasted vermicelli, which given it's complex flavors of bitter greens, vanilla, saffron and orange aoli was a little more challenging. For my main course I had the flattened chicken breast and turkish cheese pancake, which was a sizeable portion and I am still enjoying it in sandwiches days later. The dessert was excellent, I had the frozen hazelnut souffle with chocolate hazelnut tart and a strong chocolate sorbet which paired nicely with the creamy souffle. The service was impeccable, our server was knowledgeable about each of the dishes and wines - gave great recommendations - and was overall friendly without pulling up a chair to the table. Would definitely go again.

Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet

We've actually owned one for years now and loved it, never had any problems with the magnet sticking but the product may have changed? - the only downside is if you're drinking a short neck beer, say a red stripe, it sprays everywhere and makes a complete mess

Sep 15, 2007
sugarmonster in Features

Henrietta's Table Review

Oh exactly - our waiter seemed completely put off by the fact I was ordering a drink that was not on their "cocktail menu" - it was in fact a manhattan

Henrietta's Table Review

Had a Sunday night dinner there and got the "yard sale" their 2 or 3 course (big quotes here) "deal" - I guess I'm not used to paying $17 for just a pork chop on a plate and having to order sides. Overall the food was bland, the iceberg lettuce salad with bleu cheese was terrible and I was berated by the bus man for not clearing my plate. The pork chop was way over done and the applesauce was a strange mix of pureed apples and julienned apple strips. The service was atrocious; in short it was a glorified cafeteria.

London Dining Suggestions - Honeymoon

Thanks for your suggestions - the head chef at the restaurant my fiance works for recommended Fat Duck and Petrus - are they worth it? Anywhere that's of the same caliber that isn't as pricey or pretentious?

Sep 14, 2007
sugarmonster in U.K./Ireland

Nice brunch near Symphony?

I know you said no south end - however the Saturday brunch (and Sunday too, but Saturday's a steal) at Aquitaine is amazing

London Dining Suggestions - Honeymoon

I'm looking for some great restaurant suggestions for London - my fiance is a pastry chef and my family is English, we've both been to London many times but never explored anywhere that was outside of our tiny budget (ie. the cute crepe place @ Gabriel's Wharf, Ask near Notting Hill, and Khan's in Bayswater). But we'll be on our honeymoon so a mix of cheap eats and fine dining is on our agenda - we're looking for anywhere that's not to be missed. Thanks for your help!

Aug 22, 2007
sugarmonster in U.K./Ireland

Brunch for Mom's 60th b'day ... my suggestions

I think that the brunch at Harvest looks good - never been though. However I can recommend the brunch at Aquitaine in the South End, in you're in the mood for something French.

Restaurant Week Top Ten

Just went to Marco last night for RW - excellent and lots of choices - I usually try to avoid to the North End (not into "American Italian" cuisine) but it was a lovely meal. Mario Batali would eat there.

Amazing meal at Upstairs on the Square

I recently had the tasting menu in the soiree room and had an incredible experience. The courses began with an amuse bouche of a summer melon shooter with duck prosciutto. The following courses, such as the raviolis and scallops, built and layered upon the next with increasingly complex flavors. Overall the food was artfully prepared and well thought out. The wine pairings were also excellent, highlighting and complementing each course. The bartender was superb, crafting a delicious and witty cocktail (I recommend the “Venus in Furs”.) And the service was exceptional, striking the right balance between being attentive and allowing you to enjoy your meal. I have also had wonderful experiences for lunch (the tomato soup and brioche grilled cheese is great) and brunch (the eggs benedict and the French toast are completely decadent and worth it) in the newly renovated monday club bar downstairs. In short, this place is not to be missed.

Upstairs On the Square
91 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138