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Mandatory? Where did I once say, or even imply, that it was mandatory for anyone to eat a chicken sandwich? Reading is fundamental.


So the fuel in your vehicle, rubber from your tires, the plastic in your smart phone, cotton in your clothes, and the produce on your counter all come from sources that only support your beliefs? I guarantee, ever single moment of the day, you support businesses and organizations that hold the same beliefs as Dan Cathy, but you don't hold those to the same level of righteous indignation because you won't subject any of them to a moment's worth of scrutiny.

Dine where you choose. But if you do so and you don't know for absolute certain where the owner of that business chooses to spend their profits, then your attempts to be morally superior is just lazy and hypocritical.


So you know for an absolute fact that the owners of Ezell's and Heaven Sent do not espouse the same values of Dan Cathy? I'd love to see your proof.


To all those that choose to politicize this simple question, out of some sense of moral superiority, there is an old expression about pots and kettles you should consider.

In response to the OP's question, there is a story on KOMO's website detailing the locations of the first three stores; Bellevue, Lynnwood, and Tacoma.

Fresh pork lard for tamales

Buy some pork fat (I buy out the case at Central Market in Mill Creek) and render your own.

Christmas Sugar Cookies

To the folks turned off this recipe by Novicecook000's scathing review, if you portend to be any kind of cook and you don't read a recipe in it's entirety BEFORE starting to make it, you get what you deserve. This is a first rate recipe for these holiday classics.

Dec 24, 2013
gamingwithbaby in Recipes

Looking for Big Red soda in Seattle

I've seen it in Freddie's.

A Chowhound challenge: autistic family friendly dining near Everett

It's an understatement to say that taking a four-year-old with Aspergers out to any restaurant is challenging. He's a good kid, my son, but there are moments where dining-out takes on all the appeal of a root canal sans anesthesia. I think in the four months that I've been back in the PNW, we've exhausted nearly every delivery and drive-through place in the area. I'm tired of speaking in the boxes, looking up at menu boards, and meeting delivery boys at the door. I, no, we need some suggestions. I hope, dear Chowhounds, that someone would have some recommendations as to family-friendly, inexpensive dining options in and around the greater Everett area. Nearly anything goes, one thing my son and daughters are not is picky. Please, please, please consider my plea. My sanity and taste buds thank you.

New York style deli in the Huntsville area?

Tony's Itallian Deli located in a trailer park off Wall Triana Hwy on James Madison Drive in Huntsville. It's one of the best kept secret's in town.

Dec 16, 2009
gamingwithbaby in Central South