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Best cut of meat for barbecue (the noun)?

I'm an Eastern North Carolina girl, having been raised on whole hog bbq cooked over hickory wood, doused in vinegar/red pepper sauce. I do a close approximation with a pork shoulder - No special rub or searing needed...Just salt and pepper and a 275 oven for 6-8, even 10 hours, until it's falling apart and the meat can be pulled into long shreds...Mix apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper, heat, then pour over the succulent meat....Gracious!!

Oct 23, 2007
RobinR in Home Cooking

Chicken Pot Pie help

Mmmm...All sound great! My only additions would be a splash of dry sherry and thyme...Also, puff pastry on CPP is a bit rich for me...I use a frozen Pillsbury pie crust on top...Lazy, but comforting!

Oct 09, 2007
RobinR in Home Cooking

STL - favorite outdoor dining?

Went to Lagniappe's about a year ago...Patio was not so much...Pretty pedestrian...Filet smothered in blue cheese, spaghetti and meatballs with a sauce that tasted suspiciously of overprocessed glass jar..(not that there's anything wrong with jarred marinara sauce - it just takes some looking to find a good one..)

Central Market - Best Cheese [moved from Texas board]

Try Mobay - It's sort of two-layered cheese....One layer sheep's milk, one layer goat's milk..separated by ash...
Or Sottocenere with truffles...

Sep 11, 2007
RobinR in Cheese

What did you make for dinner tonight?

Had some chicken bisteeya filling left over from appetizers on the weekend - Mixed with green onions, cream cheese, a bit more cinnamon and powdered sugar..Made a turnover with puff pastry - Served with a jicama and mango salad with lime and chile powder...Wow!!

Sep 11, 2007
RobinR in Home Cooking

Appetizers that freeze well??

Phyllo dough "triangles" (for want of a better word) freeze really nicely - Have done spanakopita...and, most recently, a ground lamb with Indian spices - and served with a tomato/ginger jam and yogurt sauce..

Sep 04, 2007
RobinR in Home Cooking

Airline Food in First Class --

Special meals aren't offered on domestic flights any longer - only on coast to coast and international flights...and the ones that are offered on those flights are either for dietary (think diabetic) or religious (think kosher) needs.

Aug 27, 2007
RobinR in General Topics

local foods of North Carolina

Bass Farm sausage - bulk pork sausage in mild or hot - made in Spring Hope...

Aug 17, 2007
RobinR in Southeast

Good places around DFW airport

Abuelo's on 183W is excellent..really good margaritas...You might also venture out to Southlake to Town Square. There's a Mi Cocina there, neat shopping - and across the street is the best grocery store ever - Central Market..Frankly, I'm an NC barbecue girl so I can't offer BBQ suggestions here..

Aug 03, 2007
RobinR in Texas

One Dinner that Captures Raleigh

There's a great restaurant in Durham - Magnolia Grill - Very Southern in an upscale way...

Jul 20, 2007
RobinR in General South Archive

First time to Dallas (no car)

Don't bother going into the "West End" - It's all chain restaurants...Knox Henderson is a trendy area with Mexican (Trece), French (Toulose) and some neat, but expensive shops...If you're looking for something really wow, try York Street..Named one of Gourmet's 50 best restaurants..Very small, definitely need reservations...Incredible food..

Jul 20, 2007
RobinR in Texas