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ISO Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut

Thanks foody. Found some cream of coconut at the Lakeshore & Leslie Price Chopper of all places - not the Coco Lopez brand, but I'm sure it will do : )

ISO Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut

Just back from a trip to the British Virgin Islands where nearly every drink is made with this stuff (should have brought some home). Does anyone know if or where it can be found in TO? Thanks!

Best macarons in Toronto?

There's no espresso machine (plenty of other places to get that in Leslieville), but they do offer teas and a divine hot chocolate made with homemade marshmallows.

Good fresh squeezed lemonade in TO? Freshly brewed Iced Tea?

The juice bar at St. Lawrence Market (lower level) sells freshly squeezed lemonade available in various sizes to take home.

Majesteas in Leslieville (Queen & Carlaw) also sells fresh iced tea.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

950 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Le Gourmand Spadina closed?

This is such sad news...LOVED their chocolate chip cookies and salads. The place was always busy, which makes me wonder...who was mismanaging the money?

Café Florentin, Leslieville

Thanks jlunar. They were open this morning...maybe they're just closing a little earlier this opening week.

Café Florentin, Leslieville

Martiniboys reported the Leslieville location opened today - but when I went by this evening (6pm), the blinds were closed and it certainly didn't look open. Did they actually open today? Curious as the posted hours are 8am-8pm.

Private dining rooms (seat 30) in leslieville that offer corkage?

I'm not sure about the corkage fees, but Joy Bistro has a very lovely space on the 2nd floor called "Over Joy" which will accomodate 30 easily.

St. Lawrence Market - Harlan Clark eggs vs Sunrise Egg Farm

We bought some eggs from Sunrise a couple of weeks ago and they were quite hard to peel. Mind you, they were pee wees (large were sold out) so I'm not sure if that affects "peelability".

According to the sign at the Sunrise table, Harlan's wife retired after Mr. Clark's death.

ISO: dark chocolate Easter eggs

I was in Soma last weekend. While I didn't see any eggs, they do have very cute bunnies in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs -- delisted at Shoppers?

I noticed the same thing today at the King & Peter location. Lots of Life brand eggs, as well as Caramilk eggs, but no Cadburys. They did have the mini Cadbury eggs in bags, but those aren't as good IMO.

I did find some at the Queen & Carlaw location a week or so ago, so maybe it's just a distribution issue.


Apparently, Pico has entered the Deadpool. A sign on the door says "closed due to circumstances beyond our control". Wonder what happened?

Teddy's Sports Bar (Leslieville) to Close

K&S is nothing compared to the Tasty Chicken....that place needs to go ASAP.

All the Best FF vs. Summerhill Mkt Turkey Dinner

Since Whole Foods has a minimum order for 6 and we're just 2, we decided to give Summerhill once more try. Very pleased to report the dinner this year was absolutely delicious! Last year must have been an "off" year due to the transition millygirl mentioned. We'll definitely order from Summerhill again next year.

ISO Roast Chicken near Leslieville

Loic Gourmet at Queen & Broadview sells whole, half and quarter rotisserie chickens.

All the Best FF vs. Summerhill Mkt Turkey Dinner

After a somewhat disappointing turkey dinner ordered from Summerhill last year (turkey was quite gamey and sides bland), we're considering ordering from All the Best Fine Foods this year. Does anyone have experience with their turkey dinners or can comment on the quality of their prepared foods overall?


SF Hound Visiting TO for first time - hole-in-wall ethnic, big breakfast, good drinks, great coffee

If you venture into the East End (Leslieville), I'd recommend Dark Horse or Mercury for coffee (both quite good by TO standards, but a Bay Area-an might be disappointed). Huge and delectable breakfast/brunches are served at Lady Marmalade on Queen E. Try the poached egg BLT, cheese & spinach waffles or brie, avocado and bacon bennie. Further along Queen E is Cream, The Urban Dairy recently voted the best ice cream shop in the city by NOW Magazine readers. The owner Danielle loves to experiment with flavours and dairy varieties (sheep and goat milk) so you'll always find something interesting to try, plus there's a great honeysuckle garden in the back and they're open late (11pm). Enjoy!

Niagara wine region

I'd highly recommend Treadwell for lunch in Port Dalhousie. All local, fresh ingredients. The mussels are the best I've ever had.

Leslieville ice cream and gelato

Just goes to show how much Lesliville continues to change. When I moved to the hood a year ago, our choices for ice cream were Natalie Roze (never open late) or walk all the way to Film Buff. Now we've got those plus Ed's, Leonidas AND Cream.

Leslieville ice cream and gelato

I was a huge fan of Ed's just after it opened (the french mint and bordeaux cherry are awesome) - but the more I visit, the more underwhelmed I've been. I find their ice cream too creamy, with a heavy and somewhat unpleasant aftertaste.

Leonida's gelatos are lovely. I particularly liked the pistachio. However, if you're looking for variety, this place is going to disappoint. They have a very small case with no more than 8 flavours.

Cream, the Urban Dairy is fantastic! I'm completely addicted to their ice cream sandwiches. Great ice cream flavours between two homemade cookies. To die for! Have also sampled the reverse chocolate chip ice cream which is fantastic. My only quibble about Cream is that the flavours change every week, which is great for variety, but not so much if you have a fave flavour that only appears once in a while. Cream also offers a variety of baked goods which altho not sampled, look delicious.

Te Aro in Leslieville - another coffee shop

Te Aro is on the south side of Queen between Carlaw and Pape. Set back a bit from the street, but they have tables set up in their "courtyard" so you can't miss it.

Sushi District - Queen E

I managed to get a peak inside about a month or more ago when the door was open - looked pretty much ready to go back then, not sure what the delay is.

Dark Horse on Spadina

The rumour is true....Ed & Deanna have been hard at work the past few months to open their 2nd location. I'm too lucky, I live in Leslieville and the new spot is a block north of my office : )

Bacchus Roti closed?

Went in shortly after the re-open. Food hasn't changed at all, according to the owner, the RM crew thought her menu was perfect, so there wasn't anything to change.

Owner is NOT happy with the renovations. The show did a very shoddy job for $30K, wallpaper's already peeling from the walls, they put cheap stick-on faux wood on the floors and gave her 2nd hand chairs. She seems quite heartbroken over the whole thing : (

George Brown open house

This may well be stupid question, so please forgive....I thought the restaurant for the GB chef school was to be located at 215 King E. From these invitations, it sounds as though there may also be a resto at the Adelaide location?

Bacchus Roti closed?

Drove by Bacchus tonight hoping to pick up a roti. Noticed the windows are papered over and the sign has been removed. It looked as though there might be people inside doing some work, but didn't see any kind of sign on the window indicating it was closed for renovations or otherwise. Anyone have any info? I called their number, but got a voicemail is full message.

Summer Hill Market (MillyGirl, pls Help)

Thanks for the heads up BB (and I assume a Leslieville neighbour). Prices seem to have gone up since last year ($25 vs. $19), but the convenience of not having to make a turkey dinner is well worth it! Portions are quite generous too, there was enough for left overs.

small black olives from Terroni

Those are great olives! We recently bought some nicoise hoping they'd be the same, but found they were much milder than what Terroni serves. Haven't found a duplicate yet, but Scheffler's Deli at St. Lawrence Market has a great variety of olives.

Toronto's Best Steak Frites

I have to second the recommendation for Weezie's. Recently had the same dish at Craft Steak (Tom Colicchio's resto in Las Vegas) and Weezie's was comparable, if not better.

Boston Hound seeks best of Toronto

Batifole at Broadview & Gerrard is another great option for French.