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Potatoes to serve with Chicken Parmesan?

Mashed Yukon Golds w/ Whole Milk & a Boatload of Butter. Add Salt & White Pepp. Oven it for 20 minutes.

Feb 23, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Home Cooking

FINALLY....FINALLY... found an edible steak and cheese meat!!!!

Not as good as The Real Thing in Towson MD, can't be ...Tony rules the roost.

Hampton, VA?

Yea I tried listing her some places that WAS NOT chains. But Cheddars Casual Cafe is good, and Quaker Steak and Lube is good and you won't find those places here in Baltimore. Man I miss eating there. There are not fancy by any means but the wings are killer and Cheddars is just a rare restaurant; not many around. There are not fancy but you know. Peninsula Town Center you will find your usual Outback and some . And then you can find some nice non-chain restaurants like Opus 9 in Williamsburg and Schlesinger's and Create Bistro in Bad Newz. And the better non-chain crap in Norfolk/VA Beach like I mentioned.

It isn't bad like B-More---Just know where you are going. You can tell when you are getting to shady part. Mercury and Jefferson has some rough patches. That's the troof. Don't wind up in the East side of Bad News either hah.

Greek Yogurt Going Mainstream

Yea, I think G-Yogurt is all the rage now. Just saw coupons in my Sunday paper for Dannon Greek Yogurt. wth? I had to ell o ell at that.

Feb 21, 2010
EatNLoveLife in General Topics

Why does my reheated Steel Cut Oats come out gloppy and congealed together?

How much water to use for 1/3 Cup of McCanns Steel Cut Regular cooked on stove?

Feb 20, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Home Cooking

Hampton, VA?

Jefferson runs right up and down ain't far.

Hampton, VA?

Repping the 7 cities. whats up? Hope you bring your gun ;)

I like Cheddars Casual Cafe by Patrick Henry Mall and Quaker Steak & Lube for Wings. There is food at Peninsula Town Center too. Schlesinger's and Create Bistro in Bad Newz or Opus 9 In Williamsburg is ok too..(or Fat Canary)

Better restaurants to be found in Virginia Beach/Norfolk though to be honest wit Croakers, Aberdeen Barn, Todd Jurichs Bistro etc

Inner Harbor Area Restaurant recommendation

Tio Pepe = Barf x3. Prime Rib is decent. The Charleston. Chiapparellis, or Aldo in Little Italy.

Any advice for a casual place in downtown Annapolis?

Chick N Ruths Deli

Where to buy canned pumpkin?

I bought Libby's 15oz canned Pumpkin a couple weeks ago at the Giant in Timonium across from the Fairgrounds, where the Krispy Kreme used to be. Strangely, Wegmans, up the road in HV had idea why...

where to buy lobster in baltimore?


Freezing restaurants! Please turn on the heat!

I could see complaining if the restaurant had blaring TVs or music over its loudspeakers/soundsystem. But too cold? Your problem.
Better to always bring a jacket and extra sweater with you when dining out...every place differs.
Not the restaurant's fault. It's not a big effort bringing one in, and if you don't need it, set it aside with your purse. Oh well.

Feb 16, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Not About Food

Please share your favorite chocolate cake recipe!

Hershey's Makes the best...Just follow the recipe on the back of the tub of the cocoa.

Feb 16, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Home Cooking

Gourmet Again in Pikesville, like the old Sutton Place Gourmet?

OH NO Ivy. Joe Dattilo is the Service Area Manager at the Wegmans in HV. And he will look after you and take care of you. IF you have a problem, go see him or call and ask to speak with him.
Don't EVER be afraid to speak up if you have a problem with something there at Wegmans or if somebody is WRITING or acting stupid. Never ever shall we have our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech taken away. While some may see it fit, those shall live very awful lives, and they will pay the price sooner or later..

Calories in Oats

I forget and agree about the Oatmeal too, but how much water do you use to cook 1/3 cup of uncooked Regular McCann's Steel Cut Irish oatmeal?

Feb 11, 2010
EatNLoveLife in General Topics

Gourmet Again in Pikesville, like the old Sutton Place Gourmet?

OH FAR FROM IT...NO WAY JOSE! Gourmet Again is DEFINETLY no SPG. SPG, which is now TJ's, sadly, was a great store, but yes, GA, is like a hole in the wall compared to SPG.
I miss SPG. Fresh Market around the corner is the only thing in my mind that can kind of compare to SPG.

No knock on GA, they do have SOME good food, and other fancy/expensive items, not that I PERSONALLY would choose them over Eddies', for a Crab Cake per se and some other select items, but I guess it all depends what you are looking for. Bakery Items at GA? Not my first choice...
IMO, go and check them out. Oh, while your in Pikesville..Edmart is worth a trip toooooo ;)

King Arthur flour

I much prefer it over Pilsbury and other brands. I don't think it is hype. I think it is good quality. Even if it is a few cents more. I am not going to lose any sleep over spending a few cents more on what I can consider far superior flour. Flour to me is a pretty essential ingredient when it comes to baking...but hey.

Feb 06, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Home Cooking

Don't touch money and then touch my food!

Reminds me of the time I went to this Moes Mexican Restaurant (now out of business fwiw) but I walked in, and the food worker, was sweeping the filthy floor, ok fine. so he sees me then goes back behind the counter/make station and just proceeds to puts gloves on. I immediately said to him, COULD YOU WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!??
Like gloves were good enough after he just got done his smoke break (could smell it) and using a filthy broom and picking up garbage off a floor? Really now...

Feb 05, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Not About Food

Domino's New Pizza

Your crust had no taste? Are you sure this was Dominos!? My pie was covered in Garlic, so much so, as mentioned, the leftovers, permeated my fridge with garlic. Which created an emergency run out for fresh, fresh baking soda and some cheeeeeap Imitation Vanilla to kill the offending, lingering odor every time I opened the fridge and popped my head in.

Feb 05, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Chains

Review - Pioneer Pit Beef

I'D pick Charcoal Grill but PPB is OK...

Baltimore - fresh ground peanut butter

Oh Freshmarket. Thx. That's near to WF MT. Wash 2... How does their PB Compare? Any insight?

Good grub in Towson?

Burger Brothers on Allegheny Avenue. Not Garbage Five Guys. Nice Family-Run Business. ---->MENU BELOW, CLICK

Baltimore - fresh ground peanut butter

Wow, I never would of thought in a large city like Baltimore fresh ground peanut butter
would be so sparse. thanks..

Baltimore - fresh ground peanut butter

Where else is this purchasable (Balt. County eh?) aside the obvious Whole Foods and Lexington Market? And good too...


Adding whipped egg whites to mashed potatoes?

no, just add a little baking soda and you're good to go for light and airy. egg in mashed pot. is just nasty..imo

Jan 31, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Home Cooking

Suburban House Deli ---new location

Yea I am familiar w/ David. Sounds like you're just one step ahead of me though. Thanks 4 sharing.

Suburban House Deli ---new location

David said this for certain or what is your source? I thought they were just rebuilding at the old location..
But I heard this as well, and thought it was just a rumor so I have kept my trapt shut. But curious as well, is Fudds closing?

Towson Restaurants

The Real Thing. 412 York Road. Towson, MD.

One of the cheesesteaks around Baltimore. No Steak-Umms here. Go for a Steak and Provolone. The owner is great and runs his place excellently.
In fact, he is usually the only one running the place. Taking your order and making your food just right. It is consistently good. And been in business over fifteen years. Must try.

OMG WTF - $10 Pizzas @ Papa Johns NOW!

I wonder where they got that idea *rolls eyes* (We don't have to mention the place; I think its OBVIOUS) And this thread IS NOT ABOUT THAT PLACE....

And how convenient; right before Super Bowl weekend.

So who is taking advantage of this from PJ's? Or who has and how was it? ...Honestly, I am dying to know.

Jan 21, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Chains


RE: Jersey Mikes/Have 2 Find A Coupon Kid. Sign-up for their E-Mail List. I receive coupons every once in awhile. But you have to have a JM in your area, obviously.

Jan 19, 2010
EatNLoveLife in Chains