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Seattle Donuts

Agree that TP is way overrated. Cool build outs, with just OK donuts at best.

Highly recommend Family Donut in a strip mall by Northgate. I prefer cake or old fashioned to have some crispy outside and they have that. My kids like the donut holes which they also have there. I wouldn't say go out of your way for it but if you live in NE Seattle...

Nov 10, 2014
codawg in Greater Seattle Burrito Bracket: Rancho Bravo

I've been watching that column as well. I'd take an El Camion carnitas burrito over the Rancho Bravo version any day. RB burritos are kinda small without as many flavors. Not bad but not El Camion.

Jun 20, 2014
codawg in Greater Seattle

Guy's weekend in Seattle?

If you're around Sat you should go to Husky Stadium to watch the Dawgs play Eastern Washington. Not a high demand game, but a great experience and tickets will be easy to get outside the stadium before game time.

Sport Restaurant for good food and sports viewing... or Buckleys.

May 19, 2014
codawg in Greater Seattle

Seattle or Bellevue SeaStar?

I've been to both quite a bit. I definitely prefer the atmosphere in Bellevue. Somewhat bigger, lighter and more active. Seattle is too reserved but food at both is good.

Dec 17, 2013
codawg in Greater Seattle

UW lunch?

Tom Thai and Schultzy's if by "nice" you mean "good".

Aug 28, 2013
codawg in Greater Seattle

Are Chinese restaurants in SEA under-visited?

I see 3 reasons:
I think the biggest factor is the rise of other asian foods in Seattle. We have so much Thai, Vietnamese, Teriyaki, Sushi, etc. I think we probably have more of this than most cities and I think it directly competes with Chinese food for my restaurant dollar.

Second, just not as much good neighborhood chinese here as I've encountered in other cities

Third - this one may be personal but we go less often since my wife went gluten free. Chinese is the hardest since virtually every dish has gluten.

May 14, 2013
codawg in Greater Seattle

Does Seattle have it's own cool coffee place like Intelligensia or Blue Bottle?

Milstead is closest to Blue Bottle minus some pretension. Not meant to offend anyone, just that at BB they're very specific about what they'll serve and how.

Feb 16, 2013
codawg in Greater Seattle

Great Garlic Bread in Seattle Area?

El gaucho

Jan 17, 2013
codawg in Greater Seattle

Anacortes WA - Good Eats Before Ferry ?

I had a great burger at Brown Lantern and it has a really nice pub feel. No kids.

Jul 09, 2012
codawg in Pacific Northwest

2010: What is Seattle's best steakhouse?

I like El Gaucho best, followed by the Met. El Gaucho grills over charcoal, and IMO they achieve perfection. The sides are great and the ceasar is the best in the city. The prices are ridiculous, but it's a fun treat and worth the splurge. Met is also good, but not to the level of El Gaucho. I put Daniel's at a similar level on the second tier. I love JaK's and eat there all the time - I live close to the one in Laurelhurst. It's not at the level of the others mentioned. Great atmosphere and nice bargain. The food is solid, but not close to spectacular. Haven't tried CG yet.

Jul 19, 2010
codawg in Greater Seattle

Spokane question

Luna should be on any list.

Dec 14, 2009
codawg in Pacific Northwest