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Lunasia (Pasadena)

So that's the lunch place after visiting the Mars yard. Your talk was very enjoyable. Thanks.

"Sweet Emerald Apples" @ 99 Ranch Supermarkets

Here is the story on the 青龍蘋果, love the apple.

Nov 05, 2013
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Daikokuya Coming to Monterey Park

Open last night, dinner only 6-12.
Have not tried it.

Los Angeles coffee - I'm calling you out (many boos, and one hooray)

I highly recommanded:

Jones Coffee Roasters @ Pasadena
Good bean, Wondeful espresso, friendy place.

Coffee Klatch @ San Dimas/ Rancho Cucamonga
good espresso, espeically when the ex-barista champ is behind the counter. Probably have the best roasted bean in L.A. Won the best micro-roaster from in 2008.

Intelligencia @ Siver lake
great espresso, only wish they roast locally rather than from Chicago. @ North Hollywood
One of the earlier local coffee roaster. I usually just order coffee from them. Coffee of choice for many hollywood productions

I've tried groundwork & La Mill. They're better than the major chains. Fresh Roast @ San Gabriel is just ok, they do roast locally.

For the truely devoated, you can go to SCAA HQ in Long Beach and roast your bean and made your own coffee as a consumer member.

Going to Osteria Mozza

Must try: tasty orricheiette,tender Octopus, soft & sweet Quail, and Dessert bombolini with coffee or espresso sourced from Intelligentsia. Just tried it last weekend. Will be back.

Shabu Shabu - Best in LA?

Kagaya is the top of line for Shabu Shabu in LA. Its Kiseki style Shabu at $50+/person is consider "inexpensive." 2 appetizers, tasty dessert & amazing rice soup. The real Japanese Wagyu at much higher $. It even offer fresh wasabi when available.

Shaab in Pasadena is also very good. ($30)

TT Shabu in MP & San Gabriel is good value ($20)

Preference #4, Shabu Shabu house in Japanese Village use to be better 10 years ago. ($20) The quality is not as good on the last visited a year ago.


Best Coffee in LA

I've also been waiting for intelligentsia los angels to be open in silver lake. Hopefully, their fresh beans will again be available in Whole food as well.

The online roaster, their epic espresso is the best tasting coffee at 2007 SCAA long beach show.

At Portos Glendale, their barista are making their coffee with latte art, not the best tasting latte but it surely looks good.

Best Coffee in LA

There are a few great coffee place in LA: in the valley, Their Espresso Abruzzo blend is my favorite sweet and chocolaty. in Glendora, Heather is the 2007 US Barista champion, her championship blend is just awesome. This is the place to try the double short espresso. in pasadena, their Guatemalan coffee beans is really good.

For the chain coffee store, Peets is probably the better one.
For mail order, is

I tried the beans but they're black velvet blend is just ok.

Torrefazione Italia was good before starbucks acquired it few years ago. You can get it now at Ralphs, it is no better than starbucks.

Illy beans are good for few days after opening the can. I love their espresso cups.
lavazza beans are chocolaty but a bit unrefined. Robusta bean in most of their blend may have something to do with it.