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Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

ATK's French Onion Soup is awesome. Also love Tyler's Ultimate Meatloaf. Chiarello's button shrooms are the bomb.

Oct 24, 2011
jstew52 in Home Cooking

Where to find curry leaf in peninsula

Hi Spinal Tap:

Any ideas where I can find curry leaves in the South Bay? I'm in Cupertino

Has anyone tried the banana bread in Cooks Illustrated, current issue?

Yes, I made it as a banana bread throwdown. 2 people liked the CI version better. I think I preferred my friends' recipe. But was quite tasty

Jul 18, 2010
jstew52 in Home Cooking

Star Funghi Porcini bouillon around Concord?

Just got some - $4 for 10 cubes at Dean & Deluca in St. Helena in the Napa valley. Cashier said that they don't have them on a consistent basis - can go 6 months without being re-supplied.

Jan 21, 2010
jstew52 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for South Bay upscale-ish options

Alexanders steakhouse in Cupertino. Asian inspired. Excellent.

Bistro Jeanty or ad hoc

Bouchon over ad hoc. Food is good at both but if you don't like what's being served at ad hoc that day (although that would be hard to do) you are out of luck. And the service there is not very good imo. Bouchon would be better for a celebratory occasion.

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

Best steakhouse around is in Cupertino

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

I'd try to get some abalone if you can. Don't know here. I poached this from mudster on a related post "There's an abalone farm at (or under, more precisely) the commercial wharf. ( You might call them and ask them who they're currently supplying."

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

I've heard good things about Uncle Franks BQ in Mountain View. Call me a sinner but I like Armadillo Willy's - several locations for this.

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

Downtown Sunnyvale has a decent farmers market on Saturdays. At the train station.

Your tried and true Cook's illustrated Best recipes.

I disagree about the onion soup. It's brilliant and easy.

Dec 12, 2009
jstew52 in Home Cooking

The Secret Ingredient Every Chef Uses

Jinx, I hate to break it to you, but the original caesar salad did not call for anchovies. Don't know when/how they became associated with it.

Dec 12, 2009
jstew52 in Features