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Kyubei not included in the latest Michelin

I just wonder, what are u guys' opinions on this sushiya as we know that It's a famous destination for tourists. Cuz I know some people they prefer to seek for more niche sushi places and therefore treat Kyubei with disdain.

Honestly, I feel that it's a top restaurant with least pretentiousness, if u have met the owner, he's pretty welcoming and funny. I first met him during a raining evening, the old man stood in front of the shop taking away soaked umbrellas, speaking mediocre English. Who'd have thought that that old man is the owner of $30 million restaurant empire.

Kinda funny after we finished our meal, he came up to us and told everyone lets take a picture together. every time in tokyo, that place has already become my regular restaurant. How do you foodies compare this place to the other restaurants of the same peer, is the place that bad in terms of food. Jiro didn't look so welcoming to me though. Never been to Mizutani, but definitely will visit this summer.

Dec 13, 2009
sirapol in Japan

Worst Kaiseki "Hyotei" in Kyoto , Japan ,3 stars michelin

Haha Sorry but this restaurant has been established for over 400 years, and my understanding is that back then Japanese didn't consume red meat products, thus it'd not be a surprise for ur meal to be mostly vegetable and fish. And its very first customers were buddhist pilgrims plus the restaurant itself intentionally tried to maintain its longstanding tradition that however may disappoint some people. I dunno that's just my guess

I've been there both lunch and dinner, paid the same amount of money.

anyhow I still wonder if i were to pay more would the set come with meat?

Dec 11, 2009
sirapol in Japan