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Where to buy good vegetarian corn tortillas?

At the risk of sounding like a tremendously inauthentic yuppie, does anyone where I should buy good corn tortillas without lard, preferably in the area around little italy or the U of T?

Also, is there jarred salsa that is especially good? or is it always going to be leagues behind what I can make at home with canned tomatoes?

What do you all think?


Those pasta and risotto dishes are the same as the ones at sidecar, aren't they? I take it that the risotto is also not vegetarian, right? Does anyone know?

Visiting Toronto on a student budget.

I would recommend Udupi Palace at 1460 Gerrard East.
Good south indian food and it is very reasonable (6 bucks for a Dosa, 9 bucks for a combination plate)

Udupi Palace
1460 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L2A3, CA

Veggie Burgers

it tastes acceptably like a kfc chicken sandwich. but it's fried in the same oil, if that matters to you.

ISO PHO with a veggie broth

Golden Turtle, at 125 Ossington Ave, has vegetarian pho.


I'm 90% sure you're talking about pasteis de nata

I enjoy the ones from Golden Wheat, at 653 College St.

In Calgary over the holidays. What's vegetarian friendly and worth eating?

I'm coming in from Toronto to see my family, and I'll have 2 weeks to eat.

I was thinking of going to:
-Kim Anh
-The Coup
-Dairy Lane

I've heard some people aren't crazy about Peppino, and that Cafe Mauro is superior. Do they have good vegetarian sandwiches? Or anything vegetarian at all?

Is there anything else I shouldn't miss?


Dec 19, 2009
StephenBank in Prairie Provinces


I want to add to the chorus of approval for Negroni. I've never eaten a better meal at that price level. Everything about this place is right.

Best downtown-ish cheese shop?

I'm putting together a cheese plate for a party, and I'd like to know which cheese shops are best on:
A. Quality
B. Price
C. Knowledge and helpfulness of staff

I've heard good things about Cheese Magic (listeria aside), but there's a few cheese shops in my neighbourhood (little italy) that seem nice as well.