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Ruby on Rails Cocktail

With all that sugar, I'd omit the strawberry syrup. I'd up the gin and rose wine to 2ounces and then pour out 2 drinks as the final product. Reduce the risk of a hangover.

As precious as "mixology" is getting these days, this recipe isn't bad.

Apr 05, 2013
fred the fressor in Recipes

OK Seafood Kitchen, 235-237 Buffalo Ave, Paterson NJ 973.881.8806

The OK Seafood Fish Market and Kitchen is a little known hole-in-the-wall that serves well prepared and tasty food. It is a Chinese seafood restaurant that will beat the fancy suburban places on quality and price by 30%. 30% better quality and 30% less cost.

First the location: Paterson, NJ smack in the middle of the Railroad Ave. Farmer's Market. After loading up on fruits and vegetables, you can stop here for lunch and rest your arms and legs.

Next it is a fish market with a few restaurant tables: This means that they use the freshest fish to cook up your meal. Plus the Mexican fishmonger guys do a great job of preparing the fish. If you even make a token effort to speak Spanish with them, they go out of their way to give you the best service. Erik the Chinese owner speaks excellent English, but I always get a smile out of him by teaching him American slang phrases.

Then there is the Chinese menu: The owners are from Fukien province where all the recent Chinese immigrants come from. They have taken over this generation's slot of running Chinese takeout joints. They have a full takeout style menu and they run a great $5.99 lunch special deal which lets you choose 3 items from the steam table with fried rice and a can of soda on the side. Don't let that fool you though. Go for the catch of the day.

You want to come here for the seafood. They will grill your salmon, tuna. Chilean seabass, cod, mahi-mahi, flounder, shrimp, and whatever else is fresh, over charcoal or a hibachi. The fish and chips are exceptional. Everyone whom I brought here have been wowed by it. Then they have a full steamer menu too. Yes you can get clams, oysters, shrimp, king crab legs, and lobster for a much more affordable price than at your usual seafood palace. The last time I checked the 2-2.5 lb lobster in ginger sauce special was between $15-16. And if you want to mix it up, order some of the Chinese entrees.

I suspect that if I ask them to experiment with something like Japanese style panko bread crumbs, they will have it for me the next time I show up.

I started taking a bunch of my grade school and high school buddies to OK Seafood Market and Kitchen. They scratched their heads at first. Where are you taking me? But when they dug into the food they were won over right away.

The only downsides to the place are that it is real basic no-frills space and they are only open for lunch and through the afternoon till 6:30pm.

But with food this good, you work around it. Right?

Jan 31, 2012
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Terrible Service--Bland Tasteless Food

You "busted" me Ted. I took the name from my friend Fred, who truly is a fressor.

When I was a kid my mother called me a fressor once. When I showed incomprehension she said "Do you know what 'essen' means?" When I answered "to eat" she said "Fresson means to eat like an animal."

Funny that I never forgot that.

Jan 31, 2012
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Terrible Service--Bland Tasteless Food

Tutto de Modo Mio in Ridgefield, NJ enjoys a very good local reputation. After my experience there last night I challenge that reputation.

I had a very disappointing dining experience here tonight. We came on time for a 6:00pm reservation. Restaurant was busy but not full. We ordered and then waited much too long for the food that didn't arrive. Three tables of people who came after us were served before us. We alerted the waiter and he checked the kitchen and then told us the food would be coming out soon. Much more time went by and again he checked, then he offered us complimentary wine. Still too much time elapsed. When the food finally came, one dish was not even hot and had to be sent back. Our orders were rushed. The maitre d' offered us complimentary desserts but never fulfilled this.

When asked for an explanation for the delay he said they were short-handed and apologized. This was the first mistake--being short-handed doesn't excuse skipping an order. Our order was skipped because of the staff's disorganization and lack of attention. Then the food was bland and ordinary. If you are paying the prices that the restaurant commands, then the food should have flavor. No attempt was made to enhance the blandness
by offering grated cheese, pepper, or other condiments. This was the second mistake. Finally the staff committed the third mistake by becoming scarce and ignoring us. Each one of these missteps made the problem progressively worse.

By not being honest and later thinking that ignoring the customers would cover up their mistakes ruined our dinner tonight.

There are too many Italian restaurants in the area that don't make these critical mistakes and serve tasty food to ever consider Tutto a Modo Mio.

Jan 29, 2012
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Potato-Turnip Latkes Fried in Duck Fat

Great recipe. Turnip altered the taste and added to it. Frying in duck fat was sinful and very rewarding. Got a jar at Williams-Sonoma. But once a year is my limit for such rich food.

Dec 20, 2011
fred the fressor in Recipes

Texas Weiners

Wow, we are talking about 2 different places. If you mention "Toby's" to people from Paterson, you are talking about the restaurant on the 10th Ave. circle and McLean Blvd. It was owned by the Taub family and it was a real landmark.

Toby's Cup is outside of Philipsburg. I've never been there, but it sure looks like my kind of place.

Jul 10, 2011
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Texas Weiners

someone posted a photo on Facebook. Two girls in their dance outfits after a dance recital sitting at the counter.

Jun 04, 2011
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Greatest Jersey Pizza that most people haven't heard of

It's been there since 1931. They added the tavern a few years later just after Repeal. In the 50's when I was a kid, you had to dodge the bocce balls that the old guys where playing in the alley just out the back door.

It has been owned by the same family.

Jun 04, 2011
fred the fressor in New Jersey

Greatest Jersey Pizza that most people haven't heard of

I don't know how anyone can do a list of pizza in NJ and not include Patsy's. I went a few months ago with several friends. Three of us grew up around Patsy's so we knew what we were getting. I wish I had a video camera to capture the looks on the other two friends who had never been there as they tasted the pizza. After their first bite, they realized that they were eating the best pizza they ever had.

Jun 03, 2011
fred the fressor in New Jersey

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Kinda like going to Bensonhurst to look for canoli!

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

My friend swears by Schmidt's Meats in Nicollet, MN. It is a very large and complete German butcher shop. You'd have to drive to southern Minnesota near New Ulm and Albert Lea, but you'd be right in the middle of the state's German population.

Far South Minneapolis Suggestions

I had the exact same experience eating lunch there yesterday. (without the little girls). I was the only one there. The food was great and the owners were very friendly.

A lot of Guyanese people have settled in New York City. Richmond Hill section of Queens is even called "Little Guyana" these days. But Richfield, MN???? Go know?

These folks are the decendants of East Indians who were brought their as indentured plantation workers. The owner's grandparents came to Guyana when they were children and don't know where they came from--just India. So the cuisine is heavily weighted toward Indian cuisine. I had the jerk chicken fried rice which I'm going back for soon. To call this "fusion cuisine" is a bit of a stretch. There are add-ons blendings like in the old Cuban-Chinese restaurants in NY.

Anyway, I'm glad they are here. But the lack of business is something to worry about. If they were up on Nicollet Ave. I don't think there would be a problem. I think they are in the old King Oscar's buffet.

Who would have thought that you could find this stuff outside of Richmond Hill and East New York?

I'm starving in Ann Arbor. . .

I lived in Ann Arbor 30 years ago.

Can't Pizza Bob's fix you up with something to eat?

Reading through the posts, I see that the restaurant scene has really changed. Lot's of exotic eats. Isn't Zingermann's a little precious? I lived 1 block away. It used to be a corner store.

Sep 04, 2007
fred the fressor in Great Lakes

[MSP] - Deli sandwich

C'mon everyone, there is no contest! Pastrami Jack's at Shady Oak Road and 494 in Eden Prairie. They have their pastrami , cornbeef and brisket sent from the Carnegie Deli in NYC.

Cecil's used to be good. You can still buy kosher hotdogs there. They last time I had a pastrami sandwich there it was soggy and just about lifeless. They have a great bakery. Their rye bread, strudel, and rugalah are top of the line. However the bagels are from the bottom of the barrel. At home, we wouldn't even recognize them as bagels. More like puffy bread rings.

Pastrami Jack's is run by a bunch of guys from Toronto. They serve up overstuffed sandwiches and bring you side dishes of pickles and coleslaw. Their brisket is also done right. This is the type of place, if they are not busy, Jack will sit down at your table and ask you how is the food.

There are few places in MSP that I say this about: it is worth the drive.

East St. Louis

I used to work in East St. Louis. The question I have to ask the scary posters is : Have you ever been to East St. Louis?

There was a soul food place right by the train stop on Missouri Ave. Sandy's BBQ is down the other direction. If you can transportation , try the steak, potato, and peas restaurant with the white table cloth at the stockyards.

East St. Louis: good people, good food, and don't do anything stupid.

clifton, new jersey eats

Has anyone tried the Portuguese Tavern on Crooks Ave? I've passed by and am curious of what people think of the food.

North Jersey (Paterson) Cuban Food

There are a bunch of Spanish restaurants on 10th Ave. in Paterson around 28th or 29th streets. I don't know if they are Cuban or Dominican. Except for the local color, I don't think these places are much different than the low-end Cuban places. That is quite a swing from Cuban Eddie's in Bergenfield to Rebecca's in Edgewater!!

Critique my Minneapolis list

Pastrami Jack's in Eden Prairie, Shady Oak Road and Hwy. 62

I'm assuming smoked meat is similar to pastrami. They get their meat sent in every day from the Carneige Deli in NYC. The guys who run the place, on the other hand, are from Toronto. It is as close as Mpls. gets to real New York deli.

Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

Yes. The chicken is cooked with vinegar and it takes a long time to prepare. We were sitting near the kitchen and it looked like an assembly line, but the meal was worth it.

Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

Patsy's Tavern in Paterson, 7th. Ave. and 17 Street--Been there forever. This place defined Italian food and pizza for me. Marilyn, the owner is very warm and the 2 waitresses have been there with her for a long time. The pizza is exceptional.

Belmont Tavern in Belleville--Another Italian place that has been there forever. Great food and ambience.

Portuguese Tavern, Crooks Ave. in Clifton--Portuguese barbeque restaurant. Nice ambience.

Needs recommendations for Friday dinner in/near Belleville, NJ

We ate at the Belmont Tavern on Bloomfield Ave. in Belleville, just on the Newark border. Long-standing Italian restaurant. Very good food, good vibe, and nice staff.

New Jersey Pizza

Patsy's Tavern in Paterson. 17th St. and 7th. Ave. Been there from before Prohibition.

Same recipes from when pizza was Italian food and you had to go to Italian neighborhoods to get it.

Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

"I'd stack Evergreen up next to some the places in Chinatown in NYC."

Do you really mean that? I think that Evergreen is just a brown sauce stir-fry place. I've eaten many times in NYC in Chinatown and in the outer boroughs. There is not much of a comparison. On the other hand restaurnants by the Uof M are more comparable.

What's the best thing you've eaten recently? [MSP]

I go to Pho 79 on Nicollet to get rice noodle salad and pho. My standby favorite is the marinated grilled chicken with rice noodles and salad. No other place can match it. And I've eaten in all the noodle houses in the area.

New Jersey, not Los Angeles, the hot dog capital of the world.


As they used to say on the corner of 8th. Ave. and 22nd ST. in front of Bernie's candystore in Paterson: "You the man!"

You should enter your post in, the online encyclopedia because it is the best and most comprehensive description of Jersey dogs that I've seen.

Of course the food from your childhood or teen years, like the music, tends to define your tastes. There is a certain degree of nostalgia and good old American regionialism that enters into it too.

I know from what I speak. I grew up in Paterson not far from Johnny and Hanges. The bus got me to Libby's Lunch and the Fallsview Grill. My father's liquor store was in Clifton. My family used to go Rutt's Hut for Sunday night out. I still remember when the Hot Grille opened in 1962. We thought they were Puerto Ricans, but quickly learned that they were Greeks who learned their trade in Paterson. Go know.

Looking for cheap eats in North Jersey

The last time I was in Jersey I passed by "The Portuguese Tavern" on Crooks Ave. in Clifton. Just at the border with Paterson. Anyone know it? Is it like the restaurants in the Ironbound section of Newark?

Looking for cheap eats in North Jersey

I'm staying in Teaneck.

Looking for cheap eats in North Jersey

I will be visiting family in Bergan County. I'm looking for interesting restaurants that have good food, good people, are in a neighborhood instead of a mall, and they've been there forever. Bergan, Passaic, Hudson, and Essex counties are fair game.

Looking for great eats in Minneapolis

There is a Vietnamese noodle house which is a hole-in-the-wall type place at Nicollet and 18th. St. I'm not sure of the name. There is a soul food restaurant next door to it that doesn't have a sign. Both have good food and are cheap. Further down Nicollet Ave btw 25th and 27th Sts. there are more Vietnamese noodle houses and delis. At the corner of Nicollet and 27th is Harry Singh's. Harry is an East Indian from Trinidad. It's a mix of creole and Indian food. Try the roti dalpourrie.

All are within walking distance of your hotel.