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Booking top end restaurants in Singapore - help please

Hi Sophie. Congratulations on your anniversary. Most restaurants in SG either take phone or online reservations. Just pop over to the individual websites or booking sites like chope.com.sg or hungrygowhere.com

Singapore Sichuan and other Chinese restaurant choices.

Hi Vin,

Discovered a little gem near Chinatown area couple weeks ago. Only managed to try few dishes - Mapo Tofu, Cold Chicken and si wei mao cai (you get to choose a selection of vegetables which they will cook into a spicy sour stew)

All the dishes were pretty damn good - havent been to Sichuan but pretty much what you will get in Shanghai.


Kuala Lumpur - Best Roast Pork at Wong Kee

would you rate this as the best roast pork in the world ? vs HK or SG .. or even different variations ala babi guling , lechon etc etc ..

HKG: the best sweet and sour pork?

Thank you Charles .. havent been back to HK for many years but your post makes me want to go back now .. many places here in Malaysia serve a decent version but none in recent memory has a wow factor..

The death of the "American section;" Long live the Asian section.

Dont forget the cameras! But yes, considering the maturity of the Japanese palate and overall food scene .. they do have alot of credible guides books/websites. More interesting would be the far reaching consumption might of the Renmenbi - already wine and brandy prices have skyrocketed due to demand of Chinese consumers.

Dec 30, 2013
cyberK13 in France

Michelin 2014 Hong Kong and Macau

Ate at bo innovation 6 years ago .. food was interesting conceptually but not blow you away in taste and execution. Service was ok, lacking warmth. Michelin folks definately need to work out their rating system .. went to le cinq recently and the food + service was leaps and bounds better (for a 2 star) .. perhaps unfair to judge paris vs HK 6 years ago but just saying ...

Top 10 Singapore

Hi ManBeard, there was a good list provided in a recent discussion .. sieve through Lau's recommendations.


1st-time "tourist" with 7 lunches/dinners

Le Cinq lends jackets but sizes are limited - i ended up with one 2 sizes larger and was literally swimming in it - did stop caring about how i looked once they started serving the food.

I think sportsjacket should be fine ..

Nov 23, 2013
cyberK13 in France

Barcelona in December - Comments on Shortlist

must drop by Tapeo and have a 'Bomba' - the best rendition during our trip .. their other tapas pretty good as well.

Nov 20, 2013
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona in December - Comments on Shortlist

you are making me want to go back to barcelona again !!

Nov 20, 2013
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

our pierre sang xperience was just that - innovative, inexpensive and fun. Pierre sang wasnt even there - cooking was done by another young asian dude.

during our mains, a couple came in and had a completely different starter (pasta clam dish) than us. the chef tasted it whilst cooking, served the couple who tasted it and in turn asked the maitre'd to taste it , and sous chef got into the act having a spoon of whatever was left in the pan. everybody agreed it was good .. and no, they didint offer us any. boo ..

wondering - was frenchie then better than pierre sang now ?

Nov 20, 2013
cyberK13 in France

2.5 days in Singapore+1 day in Hong Kong, where to eat?

Yes, the original is better !

Still, the 'fake one' at hong lim is decent rendition if Iojroma needs some place convenient.

2.5 days in Singapore+1 day in Hong Kong, where to eat?

Hi Iojroma, Lau's list is good.

Hong Lim @ food center is in Chinatown, really near you. I reckon you could spend a couple of lunch sessions there trying out different things.

Besides the Ah Heng curry mee, there is a branch of Hill St Tai Wah bah chor mee (minced pork noodles) on the 2nd floor.

Also, on the same floor, you can find a very good rendition of Singapore style Char Kuey Teow (stir fried flat noodles with cockles) - Outram Park Char Kuey Teow


Speak to me of liver

apparently the best is during august ... apparently according to the japs, the flavor is most rich then ??

Nov 14, 2013
cyberK13 in France

Fast Food in Malaysia?

are you expecting because you intend to eat fast food in malaysia ?!

there is too much to eat in msia to waste ur time on fast food !!

How to Peel Salted Duck Eggs

correct correct correct !

Want to avoid those pesky fellow Yankees?

ok . little bit serious here ... haha . in any case im all for - i just wanna go eat something nice, be it queens, NY, paris, asia blah blah ... any help i can get ill take it ...

theres just too much wrong in this world .. just do our best to make things a little bit better around us ... and on the way, have a little good foie (or something like that)

Nov 14, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

Short summary so far (full report to come) :

frenchie - worst meal so far, pigeon w wild mushroom and chestnuts was the only decent dish, the rest were muddled and a waste of calories

pierre sang - best value lunch - inventive and well balanced flavors, slow poached egg + kimchi + blood sausage good !

spring - v good, probably the best meal of the trip so far .. sommelier jonathan was in fine form .. outstanding red mullet w veal head and bone marrow vinaigrette

chez le ami jean - cannot describe now , still recovering fr the experience

le cellier volnaysien - grilled bresse breast and ouef meurrete, simple and for the price, a decent meal

ma cuisine - boeuf bourguinon had very interesting depth of flavor, other dishes ho-hum

aupres du cloucher - jean christophe moutet produced well cooked veal, fish but overcomplicated the flavors and made it too heavy with too much mash ... not sure if it was because of the cold weather

premices - v good, oysters w onions and its own gelee, best pigeon w spinach and its liver !! would return

hugo desnoyer - hugo called l'ami jean crazy (in a good way), unfussy well executed dishes with the most charming experience so far...

survived 6 days , 2 more to go ...

Nov 09, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

avoiding food coma is something we will be trying to avoid everyday ! haha

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

will try to with my poor french !!
are the portions large in ma cuisine? was going to order the beef bourgogne. anything else that is a must there ?

just read up on ferme de la ruchotte, its already on list-of-reasons-to-return-to-burgundy ...

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

indeed .. not just americans but perhaps misused by quite number of the world's population (we are asians) - in any case, yes original post meant foie gras

still love anything liver ...

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

Parigi, burgundy trip is too short .. ! good suggestion on Le Ptit Paradis and re overdoing wine but being first trip to burgundy - ma cuisine is a must no ?

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

thanks deluca on the chartreuse tip !
wife's plan is at least 1 pastry a day - will let her know on the genin recs.

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

Thanks John, you have induced some doubt here on Mary Celeste haha. Other considerations were Petit Plats or Braisenville .. but that would mean moving the schedule. Of the 3 which would you say to go to?

Foie - inclined to order anything liver although was looking more duck/goose foie micuit, sauteed, terrines etc.

Yes, Lazare is confirmed - i hope - half the bookings were done over the phone and google translate ! (we dont speak french)

On tartare at desnoyer - yes, if unable to eat a good one prior to saturday - may have to sacrifice either the charcuterie or the CDB.

Nov 02, 2013
cyberK13 in France

PARIS + BURGUNDY PLAN (and some Questions)

Last year, wife and I made our maiden trip to Paris. Paris being at the end of a Barca-San Se-Rome-Florence 2 week route, we made a mistake of not planning enough – and didn’t get to eat as much as we would have liked to. Still, the few places we ate at – Le Grand Plan, Huiterie Regis, Chez la Ville (this amazing squid omelet dish) – left such a huge impression that we have been yearning to return to Paris since the day we left.

4 days from now, we will be back with vengeance. The plan so far:

Day 1 – mon (arrive Paris afternoon)
Grab a croissant fr Pain de Sucre
Snack+wine - Verjus wine Bar
Dinner - Frenchie

Day 2
Early lunch – Pierre Sang
Late afternoon snack – Phillipe Gosselin baguette and/or Un Dimanche (choux pistache fruits rouge)
Dinner - Spring

Day 3
Breakfast Snack Des Gateux des Pain
Lunch - Chez L’ami Jean
Light dinner + drinks - Le Mary Celeste

Day 4 - Burgundy
Wine tour with lunch at Le Cellier Volnaysien
Dinner - Ma Cuisine

Day 5 – Burgundy-Paris
Lunch - Aupres du Clocher
Dinner - Premices (thank you JT)

Day 6
Croissant fr either Boulangerie Pichard or Pierre Herme
Lunch – Hugo Desnoyer (really looking forward to this)
Dinner - La Cigale de la Cantine (not sure if we are going to be too full fr Hugo)

Day 7
Visit Marche Bio Raspail
Snacks – choc millie fielle and tart citron fr Jacque Genin
Dinner - Lazare

Day 8 (leaving evening)
Lunch – Le Cinq

Trying to squeeze everything in is quite impossible on our stomachs – did also consider Josephine Dumonet, 6th Paul Bert and few others but c’est la vie.

- I am big fan of foie, finding it hard to keep Aud Sud Ouest off the list but hoping the places above would have a dish or two to satisfy the craving .. good decision?
- Steak tartare: So far, the best I had was a French restaurant in Malaysia (of all places), wonderful texture and perfect temperature and seasoning – experienced a very poor version at a random bar near Pigalle (my fault – should not have ordered) .. any recs of places to consider for tartare?

Thank you to all contributors on this board !! You guys really fuelled our greedy imaginations to make this trip back!

Oct 31, 2013
cyberK13 in France

Last Night Barcelona..where to go??

Hi Sockster, i havent been to Llamber but had dinner at Hisop Sep-2012 and the food was very good and for me a distinctive take on modern catalan. I can still recall clearly; interesting almond soup with anchovies, delightfully balanced mackerel w chanterelles, bacon and shaved frozen green apple and my fav of the night, squid noodles with burrata, truffle and pistachio crumbs.
one complaint perhaps, service not particularly warm .. but food was worth the trip.

Oct 14, 2013
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal


Hi mittensam, I've been to extebarri and akellare ...

Extebarri lunch ala carte shared 1 serving of each of the following - chorizo, smoked butter, oysters, palamos prawns, squid, cheese flan - 3 glasses of wine, a bottle of water n a coffee - bout euro 180

Akellare lunch - w different tasting menus (one w wine pairing) 9 courses each, additional 2 glasses of wine, 2 bottles of water, 1 coffee - euro 430

Of the two, akellare has of course t better service, great selection of wine and a spectacular view. However food at extebarri wins hands down - the Tasting notes here were prolly the highest during our 4 day trip to barca n San se. I would not go back again to akellare, extebarri I want to bring my parents and my best friends to ...

Dec 08, 2012
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona / San Sebastian - Sep Itinerary

hahahaha .... Parigi ! i did better ... delivered to both geri and cesc ... not to puyol only because he was not playing. Valencia's tight defence made the game slightly less exciting with messi not doing much ... but the nou camp experience was still fantastic !

Oct 14, 2012
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona / San Sebastian - Sep Itinerary

Hi nutella , yes my trip report is long overdue !! havent had the time to write ... will do so in the next week or so ... when are you going ?

caldeni and akalerre were both disappointing ..

the rest were really yummy w etxebarri hitting the highest notes ...

will write more soon ... attached pic excellent squid noodles w burrata , truffles and pistachio (i think) fr hisop

Oct 14, 2012
cyberK13 in Spain/Portugal

If not Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, where?

Hi pec, i just spent the past 3 days in Rome. L'asino d'oro as i understand is not classic roman cooking but we had their set lunch there and it was absolutely wonderful (glass of decent white, bottle of water, fantastic potato soup, well-cooked cheese ravioli with some fish salsa sauce and a well grilled fillet of mackeral (i think) with fagioli. If yours is a slot for lunch then definitely here.

If you want something very local for dinner - please try le mani in pasta (trastevere area). We went there twice for dinner out of our 3 nights in Rome - the 2nd timet was right after leaving halfway through a lousy dinner at Ristorante Eleonara. The atmosphere is great - small , elbows touching other tables , open kitchen with regulars going in to give their customary greeting to the chef (just remember to ask not to sit in the basement and have very low expectations of service - until the waiters warm up to you that is). All those aside, the food here is stellar - perfectly balanced sea bass carpaccio with black truffles, served with toast and butter, rigatoni amatriciana, whatever is on the blackboard for that day - we wanted to eat everything that was coming out from the kitchen.

Sep 09, 2012
cyberK13 in Italy