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TIFF-Vegan options

Lola's kitchen is a nice neighbourhood spot around Yonge and Bloor with a good selection for vegans but has non-vegan food as well. Pretty good brunch as well on the weekends.

Dinner near the Manulife Centre

Wow sushi on charles west

Looking for Pomona's Universal Pectin in Toronto

I've seen it either at whole foods or ambrosia recently (last few months)....sorry, I can't remember which one

Santo Pecado Mexican Catering

No, but the chef is participating in the churros competition at Evergreen Brickworks today:

Where to buy bitters downtown

The store at Evergreen Brickworks sells Dillon's small batch distillers' (based out of beamsville) bitters in a number of flavours

Where can I buy Canahua seeds, a 'superfood', in Toronto?

I can't remember exactly (i wasnt a big fan of it as I couldnt really use it as a grain replacement like quinoa), but it was the gogoquinoa brand.

Where can I buy Canahua seeds, a 'superfood', in Toronto?

I think i purchased my bag at the ambrosia on doncaster, but it was called "kaniwa", but is described as baby quinoa on the label

Most decadent dessert 2014

Beast's sticky toffee pudding. Is it bad to drink the sauce?

Where is Toronto's $5 plate of good food?

I really like the lunch jerk chicken special from rasta pasta, a couple doors down from seven lives. If recall correctly, it's around $5

Where to buy coconut chips

I buy the bob's red mill brand at the Noah's near yonge and bloor - they label them coconut flakes

ISO Unpretentious, modestly-priced coffee shop with WiFi near Yonge & Carlton

cafe M is fine, but I actually like the drip coffee at crepe it up at church and wellesley. and when I ask for soy milk they'll steam it up for me too, which is a nice touch. they have wi-fi but admittedly the last couple of times I've had some connection issues. well priced crepes is a bonus.

Gochujang without corn syrup, fructose or glucose?

Ugh. I'm sorry, it does have corn syrup. I think my eyes just glazed over after picking up like 10 different bottles of gochujang and the nutritional info threw me off because it said 0 g of sugar, but that was just because the serving size was 1 tsp. anyway, will likely be at galleria again this weekend so i'll keep my eyes peeled

Gochujang without corn syrup, fructose or glucose?

I was just looking for the same thing and I'm pretty sure I managed to find a bottle at galleria supermarket at yonge/steeles. It's still sitting in my pantry. Haven't used it yet.

Malmo, Sweden

A bit late, but for future reference do not go to Johan P for seafood. My sister's bisque came at room temperature (I believe it cost around $40 US or more). the waiter explained it would take awhile for the new batch to be made from fresh, so imagine our surprise when we found the half eaten crouton my sister had bit into earlier sitting in the bowl. My fried fish was very greasy and inedible. And despite all the references online regarding the indoor food market, it no longer exists!

A couple things I would suggest: the cafe on the grounds of the castle. Picturesque location, fresh, clean, seasonal food (had a great beet risotto). And trying spettkaka - literally "spit (like a rotating spit, not saliva) cake". It's a specialty of the province of skane and has protected status there. It's a potato flour based cake that looks like a giant funnel cake and tastes like those little Japanese melt in your mouth potato flour cookies that come in the cute aluminum packets (I know, random and somewhat esoteric reference, but it really taste exactly like them)

Sep 17, 2012
tweenietoes in Europe

yummy yummy dumpling - my preferred spot downtown

Just wanted to give my two cents about a very interesting experience I had at YYD tonight. I was one of the people who bought a groupon back in march and it was about to expire. There was one other table occupied tonight and one person waiting for takeout when my friend and I walked in. We had written down our order, but when I informed the gentleman working there that I was using a groupon, he presented me with the set menu. When I bought the groupon, there was no mention of a set menu but using my limited mandarin, I deciphered that the set menu rule came into play a month after the groupon became available because it was just not sustainable for the restaurant. I may have translated this incorrectly, but it sounded like the restaurant owners received an inconceivably low amount of money for each groupon sold (much much less than $10). The problem now was that I did not feel like ordering off the set soup and salad menu and had my heart set on the northeastern salad - a fav of mine. Through some (very nice) negotiating, we ended up just getting a couple orders of dumplings, a beef roll, and just paying extra for the salad I wanted. Not $20 worth of food, but really, these mom and pop restaurant owners work so hard, who am I to nickel and dime them when they were not hostile at all (and in fact, looked kind of fearful)

In terms of the food, I have to agree that the pan fried dumplings were the highlight (we got chicken and cabbage). Thin crispy skin, not greasy. The pork and chive boiled dumplings were good, but a tad salty. The beef roll was yummy, but again the sauce was a bit salty for my liking.

The northeastern salad was.....okay. The sauce was a tad watery for my tastes and my friend thought the mustard component was a bit too strong and the spiciness was overwhelming(I like spicy, so that part didn't bother me). I would have liked the sauce to be thicker. But the owner was really sweet and he would walk by our table and notice the scant amount of sauce left in the sauce bowl and encourage me to reaaallly mix it in because that's "where all the flavor is!"

As I was paying, I gave him my groupon number and tapped the "voucher used" button on my phone app. Big mistake (I obviously do not used groupons very often) as it came up on his system that the voucher had been used!!! Now, in his defense, after some back and forth, he gave me the benefit of the doubt and I just paid the tax+salad+tip. I also found out that they came to Canada by way of the States and their experience there with groupon was much better in that groupon took a much smaller cut of the voucher sales.

All in all, it was the enthusiastic service moreso than the food that will bring me back. The owner was really interested in suggesting their specialties to me (this came up because I joked to him that I would have to try their xiaolongbao next time since I am of Shangainese descent), and next time I will probably go "omakase style". Also, I want a chance to give them some feedback on their food because I think they would be receptive to it (I felt badly this time and just said everything was great...) But I must say, this experience has really soured my impression of groupon...

need some inspired, healthy cauliflower ideas, beyond cauliflower cheese, roasted cauliflower and aloo gobi...

cauliflower pizza crust. this one has chevre in it, but there are vegan versions floating around the internet. i haven't tried it, so i can't tell you how it tastes!

Apr 29, 2012
tweenietoes in Home Cooking

ethnically diverse street food comes to Toronto

went to check out the new carts at nathan phillips yesterday afternoon. corey mintz's review in the star was pretty accurate

but the only thing I'd like to add is that his complaint of the "spiceless biryani" fortunately will be short lived. on speaking with the owners yesterday (who were really nice, so I hope they make the appropriate changes to make this a success), they purposely toned down the spice on the first day as to not "scare people away". unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem of the rice being lukewarm when I ate it.

the "salsa" (a 7-lentil burrito style pita) was even more of a disappointment. the fillings were stingy and uninspired (essentially just the lentils and some lettuce).

the souvlaki stand on the west side of the square was sold out of meat when i got there, so i can't speak to their quality.

36 Sublime Hours in Newfoundland

i gotta say, I love food. almost all food. in fact, i've never eaten food i didn't like until i hit newfoundland and ate flipper pie. i don't know if it was the texture or the taste that threw me off. maybe it's an acquired taste. otherwise, had a great food experience (but couldn't eat any fried fish for a loooong time afterwards). loved partridgeberry pie, have a jar of bakeapple jam in the fridge right now. and i agree, my experience at Bianca's was underwhelming at best.

Mar 02, 2009
tweenietoes in Features

Chinese Dessert Houses? "Sugar water" @ P-Mall + Photos

"sweet culture" at Hwy 7 and kennedy use to be my go to place for chinese desserts/snacks, but it's too far away from me!

i usually go to "Sugar" in the plaza at Finch and Leslie now. Doesn't have as many snacks as sweet culture, but it's closer and the ambiance is nicer to hang out in.

i also still prefer the atmosphere at "go for tea" (but i never get the BBT, just the mango yoghurt drink) compared with the new destiny (where I ordered a slice of cake once and instead got a sliver.....)

where to buy walnut cakes in toronto

i'm pretty sure the one upstairs at p-mall's heritage town is gone. it wasn't there when I went to get bubble tea from the store next door last weekend. it's been replaced by a clothing store.

the store at yonge and sheppard (11 spring garden ave) is called "canaan". it's been there forever!

Dragon Beard Candy for Chinese New Year?

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

HK Harbour is a great tip! and yes, I have been to D&R Wings on a couple of occasions (love their red bean ice)...don't quite know why it never became a regular place for me, but usually i'm in that area for Pho 88, which is my go-to place for pho.

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

thanks T Long! that's good to know. yeah, I've got to start searching for more HK western places once I get the time.

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Is this the Arc De Triomphe at the Leslie/Finch Plaza? I know that one closed many months back and was replace by one of those pan-Asian (a la Spring Rolls) restaurants called Rice Paper. Ever since it closed and my other fav HK-style western place up at Bayview/HWY 7 shut down, I've had a hankering for some good HK western food.

My go-to place is definitely "Chicken & Noodles Chinese Restaurant" at Sheppard and Kennedy. Their corn and taro congee is the ultimate comfort food for me. Great for a sunday morning! The "Dan Dan" noodles (noodles with a peanuty sauce) with a couple deep fried pork chops are amazing too.

Best Brunch -- Yonge & Eglinton Edition

hi guys, long time reader, first time poster!
meggie's is usually my go-to place for breakfast, but a visit last weekend found that the store was closed! a man who walked out of the restaurant said that the place had been sold, so i don't know what exactly will come of it.