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Christmas Day Chinese Food, Delivery/Take Out/ Eat in?

So i tried ordering from Sichuan pavillion,but they don't deliver to me (Q and17). Went with City Lights on Connecticut. Pretty disappointing. Everything was bland and pretty tasteless.

Christmas Day Chinese Food, Delivery/Take Out/ Eat in?

Its that time of year again--time for the non-gentiles to eat chinese food and grab a movie. This being my first xmas in D.C., i'm not familiar with the Xmas restaurant lay of the land.

Anyone have any recommendations for chinese food for xmas day. Delievry, take out, eat in, all fine! I'm in the logan/dupont area but would travel if the place is good and open.


Fresh rabbit legs in DC

Looking for rabbit legs in the DC area. Preferably accessible by public transit but can drive if necessary. Any suggestions?

Where to buy fresh, not pre-frozen, duck breast

Looking to score about 2 pounds worth on Wednesday. Any suggestions? I'll be travelling through downtown around noon and live near the University of Washington.

Nov 22, 2010
ezsober in Greater Seattle

La Gazzetta or Chez l'Ami Jean??

This is easy. L'Ami Jean any time. We ate at both on our recent trip to Paris. La Gazzetta was inconsistently terrible. L'Ami Jean was consistently very good, and sometimes fantastic.

We had the 7-course menu at LG and three of the courses involved such awful flavor pairings that they courses were uneatable. Most people spoke English, and the waiters joked about being high while serving (which is probably correct anyway--they broguht out the same plate twice, twice).

We did a taster's menu at CAJ. Seven courses and a cheese plate. Was fantastic. I would go again any time. If you don't like sitting in close quarters with strangers, may not be for you, but the food shines and for a great price. And plenty of native French speakers.

Jul 09, 2010
ezsober in France

Chinese food on Xmas, delivery/takeout?

First Xmas in the bay, and although I've been here for 15 months, still looking for the perfect chinese takeout/delivery place. Anyone have any favorites that they go to on Xmas day, delivery or pickup?

FWIW, i'm in alamo square, but willing to go to richmond, chinatown, etc.


Wine pairing for Gnocchi in bolognese, other than Chianti or Barbera

Any suggestions?

Dec 09, 2009
ezsober in Wine