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Orso vs. Pupatella?

I think it also depends when you are planning to go. Orso is generally an easy ticket, maybe a short wait, none if you order it to go. Pupatella gets overwhelmed at times. My last time trying to order pies to pick up by phone was impossible and after driving there was told that it would be fifty minutes. Quality wise, both are truly great pies.

5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

60th Birthday Dinner-Obelisk or Tosca?

Obelisk does not have an a la carte option, it is strictly fixed price...not too sure of the amount now, but my last trip in a year ago was $75. Wine list at Obelisk is much better, albeit smaller. Service is always top notch in a casual way. Obviously my choice, but whomever you pick, please cancel the reservaion at the other.

Vino Rosina

Where is it?

Where can I find good guanciale in Northern VA?

The Whole Foods out in Fairfax, where Emeril did his taping at times, had La Quercia (Iowa) guanciale on my visit. As a matter of fact, they had a good line up of their products. I bought some and though pricey, it was really decent stuff. And making your own really isn't that hard, probably one of the easiest home curing projects one could do. The most difficult part being to procure the jowls themselves.

Cowboy Cafe

We HAD been a fan of Cowboy cafe for some time. Happy with their burgers, thrilled with some of the specials (pork belly was of note). However, our last trip in was really bad. The burger meat had an off smell/taste. Pulled pork sandwich was dry, bland and cold. We have not written them off, but we'll probably skip a couple of cycles before we go back.

Where to get sunchokes?

You could find sunchokes in late summer/early fall or possibly in early spring. Whatever local sunchokes are available now are most likely storage produce and not worth it, if you could find any at all.

Bourbon steak worth it?

Even though Jose Andres ia rarely, if at all, in the kitchen at Zaytina, it is always delicious when we go. So too Bourbon Steak...comfortable classy atmosphere, exceptional service and great food. The Chef has a couple of small gardens, one on the roof and one around the corner (!) where he culls some of the ingredients. Sit out in the courtyard if you have a chance. When we've gone they had a fire going and some grilled treats available.

Any word on Provence in Bethesda?

If you mean Yannick Cam's Bistro Provence, they are open. Opened sometime last week. Early reports are long waits for food (understandable: it is a new restaurant and it is Yannick) and that the food is simple and tasty...I have not been, a friend has and aside from the wait had good things to say.

Galileo 3

Any word on exactly when it is opening? I have heard that none other than Janet Cam, of much-decorated Le Pavillon fame and ex of Chef Yannick Cam, will be working the room. I am wondering what the prices will be like? More like Labratorio or will it be less ambitious?

Three Days in DC

There is only ONE must visit in DC......Dino

CH from Montreal-Where to go???

Some of the best cooking in DC right now is at Dino....can't miss! EVERYTHING is deliciously conceived and prepared.

Chef's Kitchen or private room suggestions?

Dino seems to be a favorite here and on other boards, they could be an option for that special experience.

Where's the Duck?

Available in the fall on the net at D'Artagnan's website. I don't recall if I have seen it in stores, although some may be willing and able to special order.

Where's the Duck?

Actually Mallard (or ColVert) ducks are available in late fall/ early winter from both domestic sources, (which are "semi-wild') and imported (which are truly wild), from Scotland. The latter usually have buck shot and the funk to authenticate their degree of "wildness".

Best Thing You Ever Ate - VA/DC/MD/Baltimore Edition

Boy tough to decide but here goes
1). Lobster, coconut milk, white peach dish
2). The Oval Room

Grass-Fed Burgers in DC?

When I asked our server at Palena about the source of the meat that goes into the cheeseburger, she said that the beef is from Virginia and is grass fed. The meat is ground daily and includes steak trimmings as well as shoulder cuts.