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Peach Melba Pie

PEEL Them. better presentation you don't want company spitting out an undigestable peach skin fragment at the dinner seperates funny with cooked stone fruits.

Aug 04, 2011
susanjane in Recipes

Diary of a New Food Truck Owner, Part 2: That Crazy Guar Gum

I suggest you steep everything in your milk product or try vanilla beans in your sugar. except of course for citrus blends. no experience with citrus ice cream just sorbet. best of luck !

Apr 26, 2010
susanjane in Features

Zephs' in Peekskill -deserves its own thread for sure!!

I admit the last time I ate there they were a fairly new restaurant in town.
I ordered the seafood Lasagne, the seafood was cold and undercooked.they insisted on a re-do and it was the same.I never did make it back .I'm only a mile away.they are there more than 10 yrs now I'll have to try them again.
Happy Birthday !

Zephs' Restaurant
638 Central Ave, Peekskill, NY 10566

Spit in the Eye

We grew up calling this eggs in a nest ,here in New York.

Dec 09, 2009
susanjane in Recipes