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What can I serve with Shepards Pie?

A well-made shepherd's pie, with meat, potatoes and root vegetables, will leave you both stuffed. For a bit of luxury, put a lid of puff pastry over it.

I'd serve no more than a light salad with it, dressed with a tiny amount of vinaigrette to preserve the taste of the ingredients. No tomatoes, which taste like styrofoam this time of year.

A crisp apple for dessert is plenty.

Mar 22, 2014
krsmav in Home Cooking

Why are expensive fresh herbs used in most recipes?

Dried herbs often have no flavor at all, especially leafy ones like basil, parsley and cilantro. Dried rosemary and thyme are only pale shadows of fresh. On the other hand, dill weed and oregano have plenty of flavor (though fresh oregano is very different).

Fresh herbs don't go into a long-cooked dish at the beginning, but are added at the last minute. There's nothing like chiffonade (a teaspoon of chopped fresh basil, thyme or rosemary) to enliven veggies or meats. It's easy to keep small pots of herbs on the window sill.

Mar 22, 2014
krsmav in Home Cooking

Thousand Island v Russian dressing??

Ketchup is sweet but commercial chili sauce is ketchup and LOTS of sugar. Bad for me (diabetic) and bad in general. I begin with mayo (+yogurt) and add appropriate bits: Worcester, chopped gherkins, chopped capers, a tiny bit of grated horseradish, Sriracha and ginger juice, and enough ketchup to make the flavor and color right. It needs an hour's rest to come together.

Mar 22, 2014
krsmav in Home Cooking

Ortiz Reserva de Familia Anchovies

Ortiz makes the best anchovies I've tried. They have a super-premium :
Family Reserve version, <> but I haven't found a U.S. source.

Does anyone have a link? Many thanks.

Jan 23, 2012
krsmav in Manhattan

Most complicated and impossible recipe you know

Highly unfair, but you asked for it. Reproduce Trimalchio's Dinner, <>

Feb 20, 2011
krsmav in Home Cooking

Most complicated and impossible recipe you know

A PDF of the recipe is at <>.

Feb 20, 2011
krsmav in Home Cooking

Sherry Vinagre Shelf Life

Shelf life: infinite.

A solera is a series of barrels. When the oldest is tapped, it's refiled from the next one down the line, so the average contents gradually get older. The date is when the oldest barrel was put down. Thus a bottle of solera sherry vinegar will have some 30-year-old vinegar in it, to mellow the flavor, but lots of newer stuff. See <>.

Feb 20, 2011
krsmav in General Topics

Girl Scout Cookies. What to do with them.

1. Buy, in pity for the Gril Scoot, who has to bring in money or be shamed.
2. Sniff to notice the overpowering odor of artificial vanilla.
3. Taste the tiniest possible crumb to be overwhelmed by the "flavor" of artificial vanilla.
4. Throw away, OR
4a. Crumble and put out on the sidewalk to poison pigeons.

Feb 20, 2011
krsmav in Home Cooking

Spicy Mina

Gone, I'm afraid. I've driven past a dozen times, lunch and dinner time, hoping against hope, but it's been shuttered for at least 6 months and the phone is disconnected. See <>.

I've read that they had a dreadful armed robbery a year ago and may not have recovered.

I've settled for Sripraphai, which is great but I really miss Mina.

64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Feb 18, 2011
krsmav in Outer Boroughs

Are kosher bagel hole (and similar) closed Saturdays?

Kosher Bagel Hole (Coney Island Ave. near Ave. K) is definitely closed from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. So is Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue. B&H is open.

Jan 29, 2010
krsmav in Outer Boroughs