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Mi rinconcito Mexicano has what I consider an authentic carne asada tacos. the also have a authentic Mexican bakery.
For fish tacos try the raw tuna taco from my ceviche

Mi Rinconcito Mexicano
1961 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

My Ceviche
235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL
1250 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL

two women in mexico city in august

Consider these places that range from the classic quesadilla, to one of the favorites in the summer, ending with the new stuff that Mexican are promoting.
loncheria Maria Isabel
Traditional Quesadillas just like any Mexican food market, they are among the most famous in the city, you won’t regret it. They also have tostadas, sopecitos and flautas. This place is in the center of Polanco so it will be very convenient, I recommend it in the morning or as a Lunch.
Emilio Castelar 14
Between Temístocles & Arquímedes, Col. Polanco Chapultepec, Tel. 5281 3835
Mi Gusto Es
Culiacan style Fish and Selfish food, for your friend this is what Mexican fish tacos and tostadas should taste. If you like hot-spicy food ask for aguachile (raw shrimps cooked in lime and chile) and toritos mixtos (grilled marlin and shrimp covered in chile güero in a spicy sauce). Ceviches and Tostadas are really good.
Torcuato Tasso 324-M
Between Presidente Masaryk y Horacio, Col. Polanco Chapultepec, Tel. 5254-5678
La Bipolar
Mexican New fusion cuisine, trying to assemble an old school Cantina with a twist. The palce is funny and really good. In the second floor they have a bar, so is a good idea to start with dinner and stay for a drink. Quesadillas with hibiscus and Tacos de arrachera are a must in this place, but all the food is amazing. For drinks try Cucumber Martini. This place is in the heart of Coyoacan in the south of the city.
Malintzin 155, col. Coyoacán

La Bipolar
Malintzin 155, col. Coyoacán, Tel. 5484-8230
Mi Gusto Es
Torcuato Tasso 324-M
Between Presidente Masaryk y Horacio, Col. Polanco Chapultepec, Tel. 5254-5678
loncheria Maria Isabel
Emilio Castelar 14
Between Temístocles & Arquímedes, Col. Polanco Chapultepec, Tel. 5281 3835

Jul 17, 2012
chocklock in Mexico

Dinner in shanghai for Second Aniversary

Yes $150 usd, I expect to spend it on food and might spend some extra on a good atmosphere and a good show.
I don't usually go for Mexican food outside Mexico. Thanks for the advise

Dinner in shanghai for Second Aniversary

I will be visiting China in the summer and my wife and I will be in shanghai and want to have dinner Chowhound style restaurant, fancy will be a extra. price range max 150 for both.
By that time we will have been traveling China for one week. So It can be Non Chinese Cuisine might be a good idea. we are Mexican and both love food, We live in Boston and love daily catch, Neptune oysters and when traveling to NY never miss Momofuku. Any Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Peruvian, etc.

Need an Interesting/Fun Wine Tour

try one of the sparkling wines tours are under 1 hour and the process is very interesting
I have tried Domaine Carneros, very cool tour and Gloria Ferrer

The sparkling wine process has the first part of the white wine plus the second fermentation process and the bottle arrangements and movements. If you can go on a week day you can even see how they freeze the bottle and cork it

Domaine Carneros

Gloria Ferrer

Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves
23555 Carneros Highway, Sonoma, CA

Domaine Carneros
1240 Duhig Rd, Napa, CA

Best Sushi in San Antonio?

I think the cream cheese sushi comes from Mexico.
Here in Mexico almost all sushi bars have a lot of cream cheese more than half of the menu
except the traditional ones that are great.

Dec 01, 2010
chocklock in Texas

San Antonio for a Foodie - help please!


What about Chinese Food?
near the airport is one called
Hsiu Yu
8338 Broadway St 78209
Fried rice, bok choy, lemon chicken and spicy chicken

Also near the Airport
Barn Door
8400 North New Braunfels
Stake House a classic around the area

Barn Door Restaurant
8400 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209

Dec 01, 2010
chocklock in Texas

First Visit to SF for New Year

Hi everyone:
This is my first post.
My family and I are traveling for the first time to San Francisco for 5 days. Here is what I need help from everyone: We are 10( 2 over 50, 4 between 25 and 30, 2 between 18 to 20, an 5 year old and 1.5 years old)
Well have 2 cars , so we are going to be making diferent plans except for ney years.
Fisrt and the one that seems to be the most dificult is the new years eve, What do you all recomend???
Second My Fiancee and I love good food from best cheap eats to not to be missed places, so we will like to try:
1.- Chinese or American Chinese (noodles, general tsao, orange chicken, rice, etc) In Chinatown for lunch.
2.- New American Cuisine (Eclectic, Fusion) For Diner
3.- City Speciality ( Example: Phily Chesse, NY Beagel, Salt lake Fries) any time.
4.- Japanese (sashimi, shabu shabu,Tempura ,sushi bar)
5.- Not to be missed Late Dinning.
6.- For New year something close to the watter for the fireworks show.
7.- Italian for my sister 20th birthday.

Thanks to everyone, posting back